This degree offers four concentrations: educational leadership, organizational leadership, philosophy & theology of leadership, and missional leadership.


Coursework may include:

  • Ways of Knowing and Leadership Development
  • Organizational Studies and Theory
  • Intercultural Behavior, Worldview and Communication
  • Global Leadership, Systems and Policy

For more details on this program, check out our academic catalog. (link is to PDF of academic catalog)


Graduates will be equipped for a variety of leadership positions in ministry and the marketplace.



The Ph.D. in Leadership Studies follows an interdisciplinary design with a focus on four dimensions of leadership studies—individual and personal systems, organizational systems, global systems, and research. The Conceptual Framework of the Ph.D. program is rooted in a commitment to educating whole persons. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to develop scholarship and professional competencies while encouraging self-reflection and strengthening a commitment of service to others.

The Ph.D. in Leadership Studies includes 60 credits beyond the master’s degree. The program consists of six primary elements: Orientation; 18-credit Leadership Core; 6-credit Ethics Core; 18-credit Research Core; 15-credit Elective Concentration; Candidacy. Doctoral students may also participate in optional Research Summits, which provide opportunities for face-to-face interaction and networking with faculty and fellow students.

Alicia Crumpton
Program Director

Dept Contact