Day of Giving 2021

April 20, 2021

Our spring Day of Giving on April 20 will support Johnson’s ongoing mission of “Extending the Kingdom” by “Empowering Deans” to distribute money raised for their schools as a means of “Encouraging Students” studying in a program housed in their school. Ten percent of all funds raised will help meet the financial burden of currently unfunded scholarships while the remaining ninety percent will be put at the disposal of the deans so they can recruit (or encourage the return) of students facing financial barriers to education.

Support YOUR school! When you give, you can select which Dean’s Scholarship you want to support.

Did you graduate with a degree in intercultural studies or linguistics? You might want to support the Intercultural Studies Dean’s Scholarship.
Did you graduate with an emphasis on preaching or youth ministry? The School of Congregational Ministry Dean’s Scholarship is for you.
Did you minor in media? Look for the Dean’s Scholarship for the School of Communication and Creative Arts.

You get the idea. Encourage students studying in your discipline by supporting the Dean’s Scholarship for the campus and academic school most closely associated with your passion.

Find out more and give here!