2019 Dissertations

February 11, 2020

Johnson University’s Ph.D. in Leadership Studies remains one of our strongest programs, and our graduates are doing groundbreaking research. Here are the dissertations completed in 2019!

Tim Adour: A Christian Faith Leader’s Perception of and Responses to a Psychology of Entitlement: A Narrative Inquiry

Sarah Andreas: Exploring Leadership Development Experiences of Leadership Tuscarawas Alumni 

Ben Bruce: The Essence of Bequeathing: A Phenomenological Approach

Bradley Davidson: Finding Chazown: The Role of Coaching in the Discernment of Calling

Dale DeNeal: Level 5 Leadership and Pastoral Effectiveness: A Study of Lead Pastors’ Level 5 Leadership Score to Church Growth Indicators

CeCe Fuoco: Moral Courage and the School Librarian: A Pragmatic Approach to Professional Ethics

Lisa Howard: Parental Involvement Factors that Promote Adolescent Faith Formation

John Kelley: A Phenomenological Exploration of Black Male Managers’ Perceptions of the Availability of Leadership and Advancement Opportunities within Fortune 1000 Businesses

Carol Martin-Brown: She Will Not Be Silent: A Hermeneutic Investigation of Female Learners in Online Continuing Education

Lawrence Onwuegbuchunam: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Canadian Nurses on the Role of Moral Courage in Their Nursing Practice and Organizational Culture

Lou Ann Smith: Makerspace Use by Adults: An Intersectional Approach

Rafael Tirado: Governance and Leadership within the Latino Hispanic Christian Churches/Churches of Christ:  A Narrative Inquiry of Leadership in the Midwest United States