The Florida Fund

Gold Transparency 2023 CandidThe Florida Fund is a special fund that keeps student charges low by covering a portion of Johnson University Florida’s annual operating expenses.

It costs several thousand dollars more per student per year to operate the University than we charge in tuition and fees. The Royal Fund helps bridge the gap between what we charge students and the actual cost of operating.

Keeping charges as low as possible is vital for our students who are preparing for areas of ministry and service; these lower-paying vocations make it difficult to pay off excessive student loans. While giving to pay utilities, maintenance, salaries, and other basic operating expenses is not especially glamorous, giving to cover these expenses is critically important to us and is a great way to help our students.

For more information about supporting Johnson University Florida, or for specialized gifts involving real estate, financial securities, gift and estate planning, or IRA gifts, contact the Advancement Office.

1011 Bill Beck Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Telephone: 407-569-1388