The ARC and Graham Center

The Athletic and Recreation Complex and the Graham Center are hubs for student life on campus, building a community of students and faculty who are growing physically, relationally, and spiritually.

  • An 86,000-square-foot facility with an additional 30 acres including soccer, softball, and baseball fields, six tennis courts, a walking trail, and a cross-country course.
  • A game room with pool tables, Ping-Pong tables, and card tables.
  • A 6,100-square-foot indoor recreation and athletic room with artificial turf for dodgeball, whiffle ball, badminton, Frisbee, golf, kickball, archery, volleyball, soccer, batting practice, and more.
  • A mezzanine level above the locker rooms with a conference room, a team video viewing and training area, a coach’s office area, a reception room, video and audio rooms with a camera platform, and an IT room.
  • A 75’ x 75’ swimming pool with nine competition lanes and a warmup lane. It meets all requirements for high school and college-level competitions including professional starting blocks, timing system, and scoreboard.
  • Two end-to-end NCAA regulation gymnasiums; one for intercollegiate basketball and volleyball and the second for intramural basketball, volleyball, and floor hockey.
  • Student space, weight room and exercise rooms, game room, cafe, and classrooms.

The Commons

The Commons will develop a new focus for the JUFL campus, creating spaces for students to enjoy healthy meals, build strong friendships, and grow as a community.

  • Represents the faculty and staff’s devotion to the students—100% of Florida faculty and staff made financial commitments to the Uncommon Community campaign.
  • Features head chef Terrance Fisher, an alumnus of JUFL and a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu.
  • Includes both a dining hall and an adjacent café with plenty of room for socializing and studying, as well as a covered outdoor plaza to take advantage of the sunshine.
  • Sells fair trade coffee in the café, and every coffee is connected to a Great Commission story. For example, an Indian-sourced coffee benefits Mid India Church Partners.
  • Is led by food service manager Bob Mehlenbacher, an award-winning chili cook, and assistant food service manager Norma Thompson, who has overseen five restaurant openings in central Florida.
  • is loved by JUFL students! During construction, current students wrote the name of every graduate from 1980 to 2018 on the interior walls of the dining hall freezer.