The Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Studies is especially designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree and who are joining a mission team as support personnel, becoming missionaries as a second career, or wanting to increase their mission understanding. Students must complete fifteen credits (five online courses). Working with their advisor, students have the freedom to customize their program by choosing courses most applicable to their studies.  Contact the School of Intercultural Studies to discuss course options.

Dr. Steven Whitmer
Program Director

Dept Contact


This certificate does not include any concentrations.


Courses may include:

  • Missiological Anthropology
  • Global Philosophy and Religion
  • Mission Theology
  • Living and Working in the Muslim World

For more details on this program, check out our academic catalog.


Graduates may pursue a variety of career paths in missionary and ministry work. Graduates may also choose to pursue a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies.