Dr. Ruth Reyes
Program Director


Program Overview

Career musicians are passionate performers and leaders. Johnson’s Musical Arts degree builds skills in both solo and ensemble settings, and instills valuable core education and administrative skills.

Graduates become confident musicians able to pursue professional careers in a music-emphasis ministry in a church or establish a private teaching studio.

Graduates are equipped to pursue a graduate degree in music education toward the goal of certification.

Apply for the Musical Arts program:

  • After acceptance to the University, fill out an additional application to the Musical Arts program.
  • Perform a primary-instrument audition. See below for audition details.
  • During the audition, complete the Music Reading Diagnostic Examination (MRDE).

Audition Information:

All students who wish to enter the Musical Arts degree program must perform an audition for the faculty of the School of Communication and Creative Arts on their primary instrument.

Students Enrolling Spring 2022:
An in-person or Zoom audition may be scheduled by contacting program director for an appointment.

If you have additional questions, contact or review the academic catalog.

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