Brian Leslie
Program Director


Children's Ministry Core Classes

Internship Information

Students in the Children’s Ministry major have three internship options:
–The first option is to complete 3 internship credits that consist of CMPR 3301 Congregational Ministry Internship Preparation (typically completed in Spring Session II), CMCH 3231 Children’s Ministry Internship (typically completed in the summer term), and CMPR 3311 Congregational Ministry Internship Assessment (typically completed in fall session I).

— The second option is to complete a 7-month internship that extends from the summer after the student’s junior year through the fall of the senior year. The entire experience earns 12 1/2 credits and includes: CMPR 3301 Congregational Ministry Extended Internship Preparation for 1 credit plus CMCH 3621 Children’s Ministry 7-Month Internship I for 1 credit plus CMCH 3729 Children’s Ministry Internship II for 10.5 credits. Students who choose this 7-month option will not take CMYM 2100 Youth & Children’s Ministry Fundamentals, CMPR 4310 Effectiveness in Leadership & Life, and the New Testament Exegesis Elective in the Bible & Theology major or attend chapel on campus as they would otherwise. Instead, the objectives for these three courses are accomplished through assignments and experiences required during the internship.

— The third option is a non-traditional approach in which the student earns three internship credits through a combination of the following 1-credit options: CMPD 3211 Children’s Preschool/Daycare Internship, which involves working at Johnson University Tennessee’s Early Childhood Learning Center; CMPR 3440 Mentored Ministry Experience; CMPR 3460 Weekend Ministry Internship; CMPR 3420 Group Internship; CMPR 3430 Hospice Internship; and CMPR 3450 Clinical Setting Internship. Students who wish to pursue the non-traditional option must receive prior approval from the Ministry Internship Coordinator.