Plant Services

The mission of the Johnson University Tennessee Plant Services Department is to operate and maintain a high-quality physical environment that enhances student learning, faculty teaching and research. We also serve student housing needs and provide a vehicle motor pool for our faculty and staff.

Work orders can be submitted online with the iService Desk System. Also available online are vehicle reservation and key forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if something goes wrong in my home/dorm room?

  • Students living in a dorm room should report any problems to their Resident Assistant (RA).
  • If your RA advises you to submit a work order, follow the directions on the iService Desk System
  • You may also dial "BUSY" 2879 to submit a work order by phone. If your issue requires immediate attention, please call the Plant Services Office at 2239.

What do I do in case of an emergency?

  • In case of a life-threatening emergency (fire, serious injury, personal assault or threat), first dial 911, then 2222 to inform authorities of the situation. If the situation is not life-threatening, dial 2222, and we will handle the situation as efficiently as possible.