Guest Policy Guide

The service desk is located just inside the front doors on the second floor. Here you can check out materials and obtain reference help. Guests must present Johnson key tag cards in order to check out library materials. Key tag cards are available upon request at the service desk


All circulating books are located on the third floor. The books are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system. The checkout period for books is three weeks. Students may have up to five books checked out at one time.


The library currently subscribes to approximately 200 magazines, academic journals and newspapers while thousands of others are available online. The print periodicals are stored on the first floor and are arranged on the shelves alphabetically by title. A list of print periodicals currently obtained by the library, as well as titles of back issues, can be found on the index tables. The Publication Finder database is available to guest while on site and can be used to identify both online and print periodicals to which the library has access. The library staff is available to help you determine which resource would best meet your research needs.

Bound periodicals can be checked out for a period of three days. Current issues and other unbound periodicals cannot be checked out. Some back issues of periodicals have been preserved on microfilm or microfiche.


Filmstrips, kits, videos, and digital video discs (DVD) are located in the first floor Media Room. These materials are numbered just like the circulating books, but have Kit, Video or CD written above the call number. Audio-visual materials can be checked out for a three-day period. Three video players with color monitors are available for viewing videos on the second floor of the library.

Sound Recordings

The library has a collection of more than 7,000 information and sermon tapes and compact discs (CD). Up to three sound recordings may be checked out at one time for a three-day period.

Music Resources

These materials are in the first floor Media Room. You will find music cassettes, compact discs, and records as well as a turntable, CD players, and cassette players. Music cassettes and CDs may be checked out for three days. Records do not circulate but may be used in the library.

Vertical File

Small books and pamphlets cannot be put on the regular shelves, so we file them in the filing cabinets located on the third floor. These materials can be checked out at the circulation desk for a three day period.

Mission Materials

Newsletters and other publications are found in file cabinets located on the third floor. They may be checked out for a three-day period.

Overdue Materials & Fines

Overdue fines are 10 cents per day per item. A two-day grace period is extended for non reserve materials. If the book is not returned during the grace period, the fine is calculated from the day after the due date.


On rare occasions the library may recall an item before its due date. This usually happens when a professor has requested that the item be placed on reserve for students enrolled in a particular course. Recalled items must be returned to the library within five days. Recalled items not returned within five days are subject to a fine of $1 per day with no grace period.

Lost Material

The library should be notified when materials are lost; otherwise, fines will continue to accumulate. Once we are told that the item is lost, we stop the fines and give you approximately a semester to locate the item. The person who checked out the material will be charged (a) the replacement cost of the item, (b) a $4.00 processing fee, and (c) the fines accumulated up to the time the loss was reported.


Books and other materials may be renewed one time if a hold has not been placed on the material. You may renew your material online by using the Patron Review link from the library’s P.A.C.


We have access to many online databases containing periodical and journal articles. Guests can have access to these materials only while on site through computers located at the back of the technical services area on the second floor (you will need to ask at the service desk before using this computer) and outside the Periodical Clerk’s office on the first floor. These resources can be accessed from Articles Through Our Databases.

Patron Review

Special features such as renewing items and reviewing your patron record are available from the P.A.C. using the barcode number printed on your key tag and a P.I.N. To request a P.I.N. complete the form available from the library’s Web page or at the service desk. Your P.I.N needs can be up to eight characters and can be either a number or word.

P.I.N. Request
Patron Review

Computer Lab

A computer lab is located on the main floor of the library. Only official guests of the College are permitted to use these computers. These guests will be logged in by library staff members. Any questions or problems with the computer lab need to be directed to the lab assistant and/or the I.T. department. On occasion this room may be reserved for library instruction.

Copy Machines

The copiers (first and second floors in the library) operate with cash or Venda card. Copies are 10 cents each. Venda cards are available at the service desk. A printer for photocopying from microform is located in the microform area. Microform copies are 10 cents each and need to be paid for in cash at the service desk.


The library has books and periodicals on microfiche and microfilm. These materials can be found in the microform area on the first floor. Viewers are available as well as a reader-printer. Ask for assistance from the periodicals staff or the staff at the circulation desk.

Reference Room

The Reference Room is located at the back of the building on the main floor. The Reference books consist of atlases, commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks containing general and foundational information on most topics. They are numbered just like the circulating books but have “Ref” above the call number. They must be used in the library.

Topical reference guides are available in a rack in the reference room. Each guide lists basic reference sources, periodicals, and periodical indexes within a particular subject area. They provide a starting point for term paper research. Guides are available for biblical studies as well as for most programs.