Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle and High School

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Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle School (郑州市第四十七 中学) Zhèng-zhōu-shì dì-sì-shí-qī zhōng-xué) is one of the youngest and one of the most famous middle schools in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, China.
Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle School was founded in 1996 when it began accepting junior middle school students only. In August 1997, it accepted the first class of senior middle school students and became a middle school with both junior and senior students.  Zhengzhou No. 47  Middle and High School has 440 faculty/staff members and 7,800 students on campus from 7-12th grades.
Below is a timeline of the multiple relationship developments between Johnson University and Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle and High School:

Phase I:  The Legacy of Mrs. Mary Lou Martin(Hyper Link)

Summer 1999, Mrs. Mary Lou Martin applied to English Language Institute of China (ELIC) to take a group of Johnson students from the Teacher Education Department to China for the Camp China program.
In the summers of 2000, 2001, and 2002, Mary Lou took another three groups to China. Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle and High School located in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, hosted the group. Mary Lou and her team were well accepted and liked by the students and teachers of the school. The principal of School 47, Mr. Chen Fengshan, was deeply impressed by the commitment and professionalism demonstrated by Mary Lou and her team. Therefore, Mr. Chen invited JU graduates to teach English to the middle and high school students there. Five of the group stayed and taught in 2002. Ryan Moulden, one of the five, stayed for seven years until 2009.

Phase II: Spring Visiting Teacher Program

Starting in 2007, Johnson has hosted 12 visiting teachers from Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle and High School on our campus. These teachers mingle with our faculty, staff, and students, attend classes and chapels during the week and churches on weekends, and visit local K-12 schools and local attractions. This program has enhanced the understanding and friendship between the two institutions.

Phase III: Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program

In fall of 2008, with the promotion of President Weedman, Johnson began to offer the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program, to the teachers of School #47. As of fall 2016, ninety-four Chinese teachers have been enrolled in the master's program and sixty-four have successfully completed the degree.

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Phase IV: Johnson University Confucius Classroom Project

In April 2010,  Johnson University assisted a nearby private K-12 school, The King’s Academy(TKA), (Hyper link) in Seymour, to establish the Confucius Classroom project with Hanban Confucius Institute(Hyper link) Headquarters as the key sponsor and School #47 as the Chinese partner school. The mission of the Confucius Classroom project is to help local Tennessee K-12 schools to establish Mandarin Chinese language program. Hanban selects and pays for qualified teachers from School #47 to teach Mandarin Chinese in the hosting schools. Duan Hua was the first Chinese teacher sent by Hanban to teach at The King’s Academy (Hyper link) in the fall of 2010. After four years’ work, the number of students enrolled in Chinese class at The King’s Academy grew from 12 in 2010 to 134 in 2017. Currently there are two Chinese guest teachers teaching Mandarin Chinese from 6th to 12th grades. The lower grades at TKA started after-school Chinese class in the fall of 2015.
In 2013, Johnson Unversity expanded the Chinese program to Seymour Primary School (hyper link), offering Chinese to all students in the second grade. To follow up, in 2014, Johnson started to offer an after-school Chinese class to some of the third grade students. The Confucius Classroom (hyper link) acts with the following key goals:

  1. Help the local K-12 schools establish Chinese programs.
  2. Organize the “Chinese Bridge Summer Camp” for high school students in the local K-12 schools.
  3. Organize various cultural activities on Johnson University campus, including Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party, Chinese New Year Celebration, etc.
  4. Organize and host Chinese Competitions among middle and high school students in the middle Tennessee region.