Sias International University

Sias International University studentsSias International University(SIU) was founded in 1998 and is the first solely American-owned University in Central China. Affiliated with Zhengzhou University, as well as Fort Hays State University of Kansas, USA, it was developed and designed in response to the most current educational demands. It is the first full-time undergraduate university approved by the Degree Committee of the State Council in China to grant both Chinese and American bachelor's degrees. Sias is also fully accredited by China's Ministry of Education.

Combining Chinese and Western educational philosophies, Sias aims to nurture talent and develop sophisticated and specialized individuals that can contribute to the modernization and economic development of China. To achieve these goals, Sias broadens the views of its students and encourages creativity and independent thought among both students and faculty through an innovative curriculum and diverse campus activities. The participation of foreign faculty members and the use of English-language teaching material also enhance bilingual communication skills among the students. All this encourages Sias' students to explore global strategies to develop and evolve their problem-solving abilities.

In July 2014, President Gary Weedman visited Sias International University and signed the international memorandum of cooperation with the vice-president of SIU on faculty and student exchange. Johnson University will offer the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program to the students in SIU. In June 2016, President Gary Weedman, Provost Tommy Smith, Dean Roy Miller, trustee Richard Woods and his wife Janice Kidd visited SIU.