Writing and Lectureships

Fred Craddock lectured at some of the most prestigious lectureships around the world. Some of the more prominent include:

  • Lyman Beecher Lectures at Yale
  • Scott Lectures at Claremont School of Theology
  • Adams Lectures at Southeastern Baptist Seminary
  • Schaff Lectures at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • Cole Lectures at Vanderbilt
  • Westervelt Lectures at Austin Presbyterian Seminary
  • Mullins Lectures at Southern Seminary
  • Earl Lectures at Pacific School of Religion

Dr. Craddock wrote a number of books and contributed articles to various journals. His books include:

  • The Pre-Existence of Christ in the New Testament (Abingdon Press, 1968).
  • As One without Authority: Essays on Inductive Preaching (Phillips University Press, 1971. Reprinted by Chalice Press, 2001).
  • Finding Our Place in God’s Order (Christian Board of Publication, 1972).
  • Overhearing the Gospel (Abingdon Press, 1978. Reprinted by Chalice Press, 2002).
  • The Gospels (Abingdon Press, 1981).
  • Epiphany (Fortress Press, 1981, with Ernest W. Saunders).
  • John (John Knox Press, 1982).
  • Philippians: Interpretation; A Bible Commentary for Preaching and Teaching (John Knox Press, 1984).
  • Preaching (Abingdon Press, 1985).
  • Philippians (John Knox Press, 1985).
  • Luke (John Knox Press, 1990).
  • First and Second Peter, and Jude (Westminster John Knox Press, 1995).
  • The Cherry Log Sermons (Westminster John Knox Press, 2001).
  • Craddock Stories (Chalice Press, 2001).
  • The People’s New Testament Commentary (Westminster John Knox Press, 2004, with Eugene Boring).
  • Luke: Interpretation; A Bible Commentary for Preaching and Teaching (Westminster John Knox Press, 2009).
  • Reflections on My Call to Preach (Chalice Press, 2009).