Women's Conference Workshops

Wired for Learning -- Amanda Broaddus

Workshop: Amanda will focus on learning styles/helping your kids with homework. She will discuss different learning styles and how we, as mothers and grandmothers, can be in tune with the different ways God has wired our kids to learn.  

Instructor: Amanda holds a master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education and Educational Therapy from Southeastern University. She has been practicing educational therapy for four years, at both The King’s Academy and in her private practice, Learning by Design. She has been married to her husband, Matthew, for 18 years, and they have three sons, whom she homeschooled the previous two years.  Amanda’s love for educational therapy developed through watching her boys learn in different ways. The desire to help each student find the style that directs them to the most effective learning has driven her studies. As Psalms 139:14 reminds us, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every student is uniquely designed, and it is Amanda’s desire to help those students find their individual strengths and use them as they travel their educational paths.  

God's Got an App for That! -- Betty Gray

Workshop: One of the by-products of the cell phone age that we live in is the ever availability of applications--or apps--that can be downloaded into your cell phone. God has an APP for that, and it can easily be downloaded. There is no charge for this app, and it is guaranteed to work. Let's download this together.  

Instructor: Betty Gray of Encourage Me Ministries located in Seymour, Indiana, loves the Lord and His people and presents His message before audiences in speaking and drama.  She has traveled the globe for the past 60 years and is still going strong.

Just Be: Exploring the Value of Ambition, Career, and Calling in Women's Lives -- Kristel Headley

Workshop: As women, it can be difficult to be who God has created and called each of us to be. At times, we struggle to respect and support each others’ callings, choices, and opportunities. During this workshop, we will examine the theological value of work and explore ways to better support women's endeavors, developing a better framework to imagine career, ambition, and calling in both personal and professional spheres.

Instructor: Kristel Headley, Ph.D., is the director of the Graduate Counseling Program and an associate professor at Johnson University, Tennessee. She has been married to the most supportive man on earth (Chris) for almost nineteen years and is mom to Micah, 17, and Ellie, 4. In addition to being a licensed counselor, she is also a worship pastor’s wife and has served actively in the music and women’s ministries of multiple churches in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Hiding God's Word in your Heart -- Lauren Shears

Workshop: In the midst of a busy schedule, it can seem impossible to make time to reflect on the Word of God. In this workshop, we’ll explore how Scripture memorization, devotions, and reflective journaling can serve as invaluable tools for meaningful study of the Bible in a modern context

Instructor: Lauren Shears is a 2016 graduate of Johnson University. She now lives and works on campus with her husband, Matt. Her love of Scripture memorization began when she joined the Scripture Memory group as a student at Johnson. She now serves as the staff leader of the group.

Ribbon Leis -- Sarah Stevenson

Workshop: In this workshop, you will make a ribbon lei. In Hawaii, the presenting of a lei to friends or family often signifies the extending of one’s own self and feelings of love, honor, or friendship. While we generally see leis given in welcome to tourists in the islands, they can be given to someone for a variety of reasons. Graduations, weddings, dances, and parties will be the most common occasions for giving leis. Leis are frequently made of fresh flowers, leaves, vines, and seeds. Other types of lei may include sea or land shells, fish teeth, bones, feathers, fabric, paper (including origami and paper money), candy, or ribbon. Ribbon is not generally used by the native Hawaiian peoples, and is more a tourist commodity. 

Instructor: Sarah Snow Stevenson graduated from East Tennessee States University (B.S.), New York State University (M.S.), and did post graduate work at College of the Atlantic, SUNY Albany, Mayo Clinic, and University of ME. She taught high school and middle school in Pine Plains, New York, as well as coaching several girls' sports.  She and her husband, Bob, also a teacher and coach, have two daughters and four wonderful grandsons. Having endured 49 long New York winters, she has recently, and happily, relocated to Seymour, Tennessee.

Praying the Daily Examen -- Charis Gordon

Workshop: Discover a centuries-old prayer practice through which we become aware of God's constant presence in our lives, we learn to recognize God's nudges and whispers, and we grow in our gratitude toward and humility before God. In this workshop, we will learn the history of the Examen and how it can transform lives, and we will learn the process of the prayer. Participants will then have the opportunity to experience the prayer practice and to debrief the experience together.

Instructor: Charis Gordon grew up in Lincoln, IL, where her parents both teach at Lincoln Christian University (LCU). She earned a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies with a TESOL certificate from LCU and then went on to complete a Master of Arts degree in New Testament from the seminary at LCU, where she met and married Joe Gordon. In 2011 the couple moved to Milwaukee, WI, where Charis served as the Discipleship Coordinator at a church. In 2015 Joe was hired by Johnson University Florida (JUFL) to teach theology. Charis has since joined the Admissions team at JUFL. Charis enjoys mentoring university students, walking with Joe, and unplugging from technology as much as possible!

Hot Flash Princess -- Francene Snell

Workshop: Explore how the challenges of womanhood can become opportunities for wholeness as we peel away layers of self-identifiers to discover our primary identity as daughters of the King.

Instructor: Francene Snell, wife of Jeff (Director of Preaching Department and preacher), mother of 3 married children, grandmother of 4, graduate of Ozark Christian College, retired homeschool teacher of 17 years, princess of miscellaneous.

More workshops to be added.