Excursions & Workshops


Faculty from each of our 8 schools will be presenting workshops and continuing education opportunities for alumni! There is something for everybody.

We have new workshops being added up until the event, but these are some of the current ones planned:

  • Working With Adoptive Families: What You Need to Know
    • Dr. Nicole Saylor, Dr. Landon Huffman, and others
    • This panel discussion provides insight for counselors, pastors, ministry leaders, and other helping professionals working with adoptive families. Topics will range from common needs, obstacles, and strengths of adoptive families as well as supporting transracial families, considering complex developmental trauma, adoption ethics, and adoption supportive language.
    • **This workshop has been approved to count as continuing education credits for professional counselors**
  • Strategic Approaches for Extending the Kingdom of God Among ALL Nations
    • Prof. Brent Brewer and Intercultural Studies Students
    • There are over 2 billion people in the world today who have never heard the gospel message.  Come learn about “strategic” approaches that are being used to fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples of ALL nations with a special focus on Johnson alumni.

  • Preaching With Relevance and Creativity
    • Dr. Daniel Overdorf
    • This workshop will help attenders create sermons that remain faithful to the biblical text while also (1) helping listeners apply the truth of Scripture to their own particular circumstances and (2) engage listeners’ senses and imaginations through the use of creative elements.
  • "Zervant" Leadership: Because Servant Leadership is Not Enough
    • Dr. Wilbur Reid III
    • Servant Leadership is the hot "new" leadership theory and practice in churches, nonprofits, corporations, and academia. However, there is a key component that is missing from our theology of leadership and the practical application of servant leadership. The purpose of this workshop will be to explore the missing link between servant leadership and optimal leadership performance.
  • Biblical Interpretation Across Cultures
    • Dr. Carl Bridges
    • Interpreting the Bible Cross-Culturally: How does the Bible look when read through other eyes? When we engage Scripture in conversation with believers from other cultures, it enhances our own understanding
  • Burnout: Re-lighting Wet Wood
    • Prof. David Wheeler
    • Serving in God’s kingdom is a joy…and it’s also difficult.  Sometimes those difficulties seem to overcome the joy.  What do we do at those times?  Perhaps some insights from David’s ministry journey will offer a bit of encouragement.
  • Your Mother in the Gospel: Emma Johnson’s Life and Legacy
    • Dr. J Gorman
    • This presentation will look at the life and work of Johnson University's second president, Emma Elizabeth Johnson.
  • There's a Sea in the Middle of it: The Mediterranean in the Biblical World
    • Dr. Mark Ziese
    • The Mediterranean Sea is a significant feature of the biblical landscape. Sometimes it serves as a backdrop to the story. At other times, it functions as a symbol of danger. An analysis of select texts reveals ancient perspectives about this Great Sea.
  • Mindfulness and Christian Meditation for Stress
    • Dr. Camden Morgante and Vika Claytor (graduate studies student)
    • This workshop will introduce participants to mindfulness meditation, which has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and increase focus and well-being. Participants will observe and participate in demonstrations of common mindfulness meditations, as well as Christian meditations such as the Examen.
  • Come and Visit our Makerspace
    • Dr. Chris Templar
    • This workshop will explain what a Makerspace is and then, participants will be shown how the 3D printer, laser cutter, and school robotics work in our very own Makerspace area of the Templar School of Education. 

And More! We will be adding more workshops all the way leading up to the event. Check back for more!


Friday morning, we’ll host local excursions led by some of your favorite faculty & staff! We’ll even cover transportation! These are some of our options:  

  • Explore Cades Cove with Dr. Tommy Smith
  • Hike Middle Prong Trail in the Smoky Mountain National Park with Dr. David Eubanks
  • Hit the golf course with some alumni and professors
  • And more!