Johnson University Breaks Ground on the Athletic & Recreation Complex

Johnson University officially broke ground Tuesday morning for a $19 million dollar Athletic and Recreation Complex to enhance student life. The 11:30 ceremony included President Gary Weedman, chairman of the Trustees L.D. Campbell, President-Elect Tommy Smith, Vice President for Student Life David Legg, Athletic Director Ken Underwood, SGA President Lexi Overcash, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Gary Stratton, faculty members from the Sports and Fitness Leadership program (Trevor Egli, Landon Huffman, and Cynthia Norton), Trustees (Martha Alligood, Perry Bailey, James Book, Paul Coleman, Kenneth Funk, Greg Grant, Mark Harrell, Drew Mentzer, Jeff Whitlock, Sam Widener, and Richard Woods), and Construction Management Team (Vice President Cliff McCartney, Owner’s Representative Kevin O’Brien, Director of Plant Services Ben Lutz, and student representative Emily Farmer). Dean of the Chapel Bill Wolf opened the ceremony with prayer, and Associate Dean of Students David Wheeler pronounced the closing prayer.

The student Athletic and Recreation Complex will provide outdoor facilities for regulation baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer; the approximate 86,000 square foot structure will provide space for competition basketball and swimming as well as intramural sports, fitness, and student life spaces with food service.

"Someone ought to ask the question, what does building a building like the ARC, the Athletic and Recreation Complex, have to do with the mission of Johnson University," Gary Weedman, JU's president, said. "It is a lot of money, the likes of which we have not seen before now." In answer to the question, Weedman cited an in-depth Gallop study that he said suggests five things college graduates desire. These desires are purpose, social engagement, financial stability, community involvement and physical well-being. “Three of those elements are related to this building project," he said. "It is a place of social interaction. It is a place of affirming community with groups of students and other connections with students. And, it is a place of physical well-being. "So, it is not at all unrelated to our mission," Weedman said. “We focus on our students – this is for them; our mission is to educate students, and this is a great tool to help us do that effectively,” said Tommy Smith. “Most of all, this complex will help us better fulfill our mission – to extend the kingdom of God among all nations. What draws us here today is not a building, or students, or supporters; what draws us here today is our mission.”

Johnson University is committed to helping students prepare for impact in extending the kingdom of God among all nations. Johnson alumni are pursuing their callings through a wide variety of congregational and cross-cultural ministries as well as strategic vocations providing a lifetime of fruitful and fulfilling service to God and others. There are currently over 10,000 of these alumni serving in a variety of careers in more than 50 different countries around the world.

If you’d like to donate to the completion of the ARC, click here.

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Posted: 9/27/2017 4:05:11 PM


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