Letter Stuffing 2016

2014 Letter StuffingOn November 15, hundreds of Johnson students will meet in the Phillips-Welshimer gym to stuff envelopes with the year-end appeal letters. This appeal will go out to Johnson’s entire mailing database, i.e. alumni, friends, churches, et cetera.  The funds obtained from the appeal will go to the “Investing in the Unseen” campaign. Hosted by the SGA, each class will race against the others for the greater number of envelopes stuffed. The winning class will get to throw a pie into the face of their SGA class president. Additionally, there will be an ongoing game of trivia, and candy will be distributed generously. The event begins at six, and students who remain for the entire event will receive a chapel make-up.

Posted: 11/9/2016 11:38:26 AM


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