2017 December & 2018 January Faculty News

The faculty members of Johnson University participate in many activities beyond their normal teaching responsibilities, including writing, speaking, presenting at academic meetings, mission trips, and community involvement. The list below describes faculty activities in December 2017 and January 2018.

From December 2 to 5, five administrators attended the SACSCOC Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas: L. Thomas Smith, Jr. (President-Elect), Jon Weatherly (Provost-Elect), Gregory Linton (Vice Provost for Academic Services), Emili Williams (Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment), and Catherlyn Brim (Dean of the School of Business and Public Leadership).

James Gorman (Associate Professor of History) published one book review: Mark A. Noll, In the Beginning Was the Word: The Bible in American Public Life, 1492-1783 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), in Stone-Campbell Journal 20, no. 2 (2017): 243-5.

Aaron Jerviss (Lecturer of History) presented a paper entitled “’Our Late Beloved President’: The Historic Peace Churches Remember Abraham Lincoln” on January 7 at the 2018 Winter Meeting of the American Society of Church History in Washington, D.C. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on how the Quakers, Mennonites, and Brethren remembered their Civil War experience as conscientious objectors in the fifty years following the war (1865-1915).

April Kilinski (Professor of English & Literature) attended the Key West Literary Seminar on “Writers of the Caribbean” in Key West, Florida, from January 11 to 14. The seminar featured authors from Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Tony Krug (Professor of Educational Technology) presented “The Scope of VR in Google Expeditions at the Tennessee Educational Technology Conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on December 1. On January 26, he presented “How to Hackaball: Classroom Coordination, Special Education, and Elementary Coding” at the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida.
Gregory Linton (Vice Provost for Academic Services & Professor of New Testament) attended by invitation a training workshop for academic evaluators at the SACSCOC Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, on December 4.

Gerald Mattingly (Honors Program Director & Professor of Intercultural Studies) has had two book reviews published: “Review of Tell el-Mazar II: Excavations on the Mound 1977-1981; Field I, by Khair Yassine and Eveline van der Steen,” in Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 378 (November 2017): 231-3; and “Review of The Ancient Pottery of Israel and Its Neighbors from the Iron Age through the Hellenistic Period, 2 volumes,” by Seymour Gitin, in Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 378 (November 2017): 240-42. On January 25, he attended an Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) lecture by Jerolyn Morrison (University of Pennsylvania) on “Cooking Up New Perspectives for Late Minoan IB Domestic Activities” at the University of Tennessee. In December and January, he served on an evaluation committee considering academic promotion of a professor at one of the universities in Jordan.

Rafael Rodríguez (Professor of New Testament) published the article “Matthew as Performer, Tradent, Scribe,” in Journal of the Study of the Historical Jesus 15, nos. 2-3 (2017): 192-212. This was one of four review essays of Alan Kirk’s Q in Matthew published in the issue.

Chris Templar (Director of Educational Technology and International Education, Templar School of Education) obtained an $85,000 grant from IDES to help with repairs at Puerto Rican Christian School, one of our partner schools that was damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Mark Ziese (Dean of the School of Bible & Theology) was in Israel-Palestine from January 2 to 10 guiding a group of 13 pastors and professors on a study tour of the Holy Land.
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