February 2015 Posts

I recently participated in the United States Naval Academy’s Leadership Conference with two of our university Honors Program students. There were 221 students and faculty from 64 institutions, with a wide variety of colleges and universities represented. The conference program consisted of numerous distinguished speakers and panel members who were highly successful leaders in military, government, business, science, journalism, technology, and education. It was an informative, challenging, and inspiring conference that brought great benefit to our students (and their faculty sponsor).

This spring, Johnson University students will be performing the play Our Miss Brooks by R.J. Mann. While many people enjoy attending a play, the many benefits of participating in theater may not be apparent at first glance. Aside from being a lot of fun, the experience of participating in the production and performance of a play is helpful in learning new skills that benefit both academics and interpersonal relationships. Skills such as public speaking and memorization are developed along with new friendships and experiences.