February 2014 Posts

The Alumni Association has chosen “Vertical: Looking Up. Reaching Out” inspired by Psalm 24:7, as our 2014 Homecoming theme. We will focus on renewing our passion for the most important aspect of our walk with Christ and its impact on our ministry for him. David Bryant of "Proclaim Hope!" and the other speakers will challenge and inspire you as they develop this theme.

 Meet this week's Johnson Spotlight guest. He is a beloved professor at Johnson University Tennessee, Jody Owens!

Take a minute to meet Cliff McCartney on this week's Johnson Spotlight. Cliff is the Chief Information Officer...so what does that mean? Find out here.

This week we are featuring Carrie Overdorf. Take a minute to check out Johnson Spotlight to find out what she does at Johnson University Tennessee!

 Check out this week's guest on Johnson Spotlight! Jerilyn Weaver is the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services and Dean of Students.