2018 March Faculty News

The faculty members of Johnson University participate in many activities beyond their normal teaching responsibilities, including writing, speaking, presenting at academic meetings, mission trips, and community involvement. The list below describes faculty activities for March 2018.

Gregory Linton (Vice Provost for Academic Services & Professor of New Testament) attended the southeast regional meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research on Saturday, March. 3. This year, he served as vice president and program chair, and this coming year he will serve as president. He also participated in an On-site Reaffirmation Committee for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation (SACSCOC) from March 13 to 15.

Gerald Mattingly (Director of Honors Program & Professor of Intercultural Studies) had three essays published in the Archaeology Study Bible: English Standard Version (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2018): “Daily Life in Israel in Old Testament Times” (pp. 5-8); “Archaeological Dating” (pp. 1927-9); and “A Short History of Archaeology in the Near East” (pp. 1934-6). On March 2-3, he attended a lecture series at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY) on “Moses and Jesus in the Quran,” by Gabriel Said Reynolds (University of Notre Dame), which was sponsored by the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam. On March 8, he attended an Archaeological Institute of America lecture at the University of Tennessee on “Reconstructing and Firing a Greek Kiln—A Project in Experimental Archaeology,” which was presented by Lisa C. Kahn of George Mason University. He also presented a lecture about “Karak Resources Project, 1995-2018” for the Encore Program at Lee University (Cleveland, TN) on March 22. He also took Honors Program students to see the special exhibition “In the Footsteps of Sergeant York” at the East Tennessee History Center on March 10, and he also took a group to see the Knoxville Opera’s performance of Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot on February 25.

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