Nick and Amanda Dunn

Alumnus Nick Dunn and his wife Amanda are directly involved in community health evangelism (CHE). Nick is a hospice nurse and leads a team of Ethiopians who use CHE as they minister to the terminally ill and their families. Amanda is launching a new initiative to help women come out of prostitution. The Dunns are strategically helping the kingdom of God "break through" to the lost and hurting of Ethiopia.

"I am ecstatic that Johnson is introducing a program in global community health.  We need faithful people with these credentials all over the world!"
Doug Pries, Executive Director
CMF International

"I have seen firsthand the effectiveness of public health initiatives that do an immense good for those in dire need, many there because of chronic and debilitating medical or psychological illness.  Even simple hygiene initiatives can produce profound improvements in quality of life for poor and third world communities over the globe and a brighter future for those children who can escape the long-term consequences of childhood malnutrition and exposure to deforming and debilitating environments."
Kathryn McCann, Public Health Nurse
Cincinnati, Ohio

“It is easy to look around our community and see the fingerprints of the CHE approach that focuses on serving the whole person. I believe these new health programs are a great addition to Johnson’s degree offerings. “
Nick Dunn