Alva Ross Brown Society Membership

Please note. No gifts are processed immediately upon submitting the form. Your first gift will not be processed until your selected start date. Thereafter, gifts will be processed monthly on your selected date. If the selected date falls on a weekend, gifts will be processed the Friday prior.

You may designate your donation to go to any fund/scholarship that you like. These are the options listed:

  • Area of Greatest Need: funds may be placed in scholarship funds or annual operating fund
  • The Royal Fund: this special fund helps bridge the gap between what we charge students and the actual cost of attendance.
  • Class Scholarship: these are permanent funds in honor of each graduating class that help provide scholarships for future students.
  • Alva Ross Brown Scholarship: this fund is set up to honor the memory and work of Alva Ross Brown.
  • Other: you can specify another specific fund, and/or place it in honor/remembrance of someone (place in comments section)

Please enter your t-shirt size in the comments box in order to receive your Alva Ross Brown society t-shirt.