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The purpose of the Alva Ross Brown Society is to create a platform and identity for the voice of young alumni.

  • Our goal is to promote the work and mission of Johnson University
    • Provide platform and voice for young alumni to be engaged in the life of the University
    • Work towards younger alumni involvement in:
      • Board of Trustees
      • Council of 70
      • Alumni Association
    • Promote the University to students, churches, and friends
    • Foster generosity within the alumni community
    • Network young alumni

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  • Regional society gatherings and parties
  • Complimentary Alva Ross Brown t-shirt
  • Yearly JU swag gear mailed to you
  • The Alva Ross Brown Society email newsletter
  • Alva Ross Brown postcards
  • Membership in the Alumni Association
  • Opportunity to express opinions and influence
    • Collect the ideas and views of young alumni to present to The Board
    • Work to integrate young alumni into the life of the University


  • Be an alumni of the last 15 years
  • Commit to a monthly contribution of at least $7.25
    • Automatic withdrawal

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For more information, contact Matt Shears at 865-251-2854 or by .

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