Our Purpose

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote sustained loyalty to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, promote continual loyalty and support to Johnson University, and maintain a spirit of mutual encouragement and helpfulness among members of the Association.

In fulfilling its purpose, the Alumni Association engages in the following activities:

Planning and Promoting Homecoming

Each year Johnson University hosts Homecoming for alumni and friends. The Alumni Association officers have the responsibility of developing the theme, planning the program, and securing the speakers for main sessions and workshops during this event. A major portion of the expense of this event is paid by the Alumni Association.

Electing the Council of Seventy

The Council of Seventy is elected from among Alumni Association members to provide counsel to the trustees, faculty, and president of Johnson University. Members of this council become personal representatives of the University to recruit students, encourage financial support, and rally the support of all alumni for the University.

Selecting Distinguished Servants

Each year an honor committee may choose to nominate individuals or couples to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Alumni Association. Those selected are people of exceptional commitment and integrity who have demonstrated extraordinary service in work related to the purpose of the University or have given outstanding service to the University.

Selecting Honorary Alumni

Each year a number of people who have demonstrated a long term interest in Johnson University through their prayers and gifts are elected as honorary alumni by the Alumni Association.

Maintaining the Voting Membership

Voting members of the Alumni Association are those alumni who have paid their current annual alumni dues. The dues are $25 per person or $35 per couple. Retired alumni pay only $20 per person or $25 per couple. Reminders are sent to all alumni at least two times a year.

Encouraging Graduating Classes

The Alumni Association assists and encourages each graduating class to actively participate in the Association and to establish a permanent scholarship fund in their class name. The Alumni Association matches whatever gift the class gives, thus doubling the initial amount in their fund. The Alumni Association also waives the membership dues for the graduating seniors for the first year, making them eligible to vote and be nominated for the Council of Seventy.

Supporting Johnson Capital Campaigns

The Alumni Association gives generously each year to the current capital campaign conducted by the University. The capital campaigns pay for major construction, fund new academic programs, and increase permanent funds.