The Communication major equips students to utilize mass communication principles and media technology to impact culture through a variety of channels, thereby spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Students are prepared for strategic positions in entertainment, news and information, and communication. Students combine a Communication Core with one of three concentrations: Audio Production, Journalism and Digital Mass Media, or Public Relations.

Students will benefit from Johnson’s accreditation, affordable tuition, and an experienced and engaged faculty passionate about each student’s success. Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree coursework integrate a Bible & Theology Core and Arts & Sciences Core with concentrations available in Audio/Radio Production, Journalism & Digital Media, Public Relations, and Media Ministry. Bachelor of Arts degrees usually include 12 or more credits of foreign language study, while Bachelor of Science degrees include additional Natural Science (like Biology and Science Concepts) and Social and Behavioral Science courses (like Psychology and Economics). Students also apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings through professional internships. A Communication minor is also offered.


The Audio Production concentration equips students to utilize live audio production and studio production skills in a variety of audio-focused communication professions. 

The Journalism & Digital Media concentration equips students to gather and report news and information in a variety of forms, while meeting the highest level of journalistic ethics and Christian principles.

The Public Relations concentration equips students to conduct strategic communication campaigns and disseminate information in a variety of forms, while meeting the highest level of ethics and Christian principles. 

When students complete this program, they will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the social, legal, and historical impact of mass communication on culture.
  • Produce well-written, error-free stories, conduct interviews, and produce digitally enhanced material.

For a comprehensive list regarding program goals and objectives, see the catalog.

Professional Area Course Sampling
Society and Media
Reporting for Mass Media
Live Production I & II
Video Production I - III
Visual and Performing Arts in Ministry
Digital Reporting
Screenwriting Fundamentals
Persuasive Strategic Communication
Introduction to Public Relations

Bible and Theology Course Sampling
Orientation to the Old Testament I
Orientation to the Old Testament II
Orientation to the New Testament
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Exegetical Methods
Old Testament Poetry/Wisdom or Prophets Selective
New Testament Epistles or Gospels Selective