Organizational Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Psychology (BSOP) degree applies psychological principles to organizations and businesses to bring about optimal effectiveness. Graduates with this degree largely serve in the field of human resources, providing a key role in the workplace as they influence personal care and employee/leadership development. HR workers are often with a person at crisis moments, since they are involved in employee termination, benefits/pay changes, medical leave, and other life and workplace transitions.

The Organizational Psychology Major prepares students for careers within the business sector in areas such as human resources, marketing, training, talent acquisition and management, and organizational development. They will utilize psychological concepts and principles learned and practiced in the program to positively impact employee selection and placement, provide training and development, and influence organizational development. Students who graduate with this degree may qualify for certification from the Society for Human Resource Management upon passing their exam and obtaining the required experience. Moreover, students will be prepared with foundational knowledge and the fulfillment of prerequisite qualifications to continue education at the graduate level. Each concentration area focuses on a different aspect of organizational development


  • The human resources concentration works to help improve employee performance, motivation, and company morale.
  • The analytics concentration  utilizes research, assessment, and data to increase effectiveness in a variety of areas.

Students will benefit from Johnson’s accreditation, affordable tuition, and an experienced and engaged faculty dedicated to the spiritual formation of each student.

Johnson University offers the Organizational Psychology Major at its Tennessee and Florida campuses utilizing a mix of face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. Students should consult the Jenzabar enrollment system to determine which courses are available at a given time, location, and modality.

When students complete this program, they will be able to do the following:

  • comprehend theoretical issues and practices in Organizational Psychology.
  • demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in the field.
  • demonstrate skills in ethical research, assessment, and evaluation.

For a comprehensive list regarding program goals and objectives, see the catalog.

Organizational Psychology Course Sampling
Introduction to Psychology
Organizational Behavior
Conflict & Communication
Ethical and Legal Issues
Organizational Leadership
International Business

Bible and Theology Course Sampling
Orientation to the Old Testament I
Orientation to the Old Testament II
Orientation to the New Testament
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Exegetical Methods
Old Testament Poetry/Wisdom or Prophets Selective
New Testament Epistles or Gospels Selective