If you are dialing from a campus phone, you can dial the extension direct. If you are dialing from an outside phone, please dial 865-251 and then the extension number.


Albright, Brian Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Allen, Greg Lecturer in Arts & Sciences 2143
Anderson, Matthew Information Technology Technician 3424
Barnard, Cindy Vice President for Business 3484
Battle, Christopher Lecturer in Old Testament
Beam, Derrick Construction Technician 2239
Beam, Richard Professor of English 2143
Beam, Ruthanne Director of Human Resources 2238
Bean, Adam Lecturer in Bible 2254
Bean, Leslie Associate Director of Human Resources 3451
Beard, Cathrine Junior Assistant Registrar 2230
Beard, Christopher Affiliate Faculty, Candidacy Coach 1306
Beckett, Charles Lecturer in Bible 2254
Bergman, Ashley Lecturer in Human Services 3402
Blair, Scott 2260
Bower, Rick Part-time Librarian 2260
Brewer, Brent L. Professor of Intercultural Studies 2392
Breza, Jeffrey Affiliate Faculty 1306
Bridges, Carl B. Professor of New Testament 2363
Broaddus, Chad Lecturer in Congregational Ministry 3437
Broaddus, Matthew Dean of the School of Communication & Creative Arts 3429
Brown, Jeffrey Affiliate Faculty 1306
Brummett, Kayla Assistant Director of Financial Aid 3443
Bryant, Eddie S. Lecturer in Media Communication and Marketing 2260
Calderon, Susan O. Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 3474
Call, Katrina Early Childhood Learning Center Lead Teacher 2348
Carlyle, Rebecca Lecturer in Human Services
Cathey, Sarah E. Associate Professor of Natural Science 2247
Chastain, Tyson Director of Church and Donor Relations, Instructor in Christian Perspective 2141
Cherok, Richard 2143 2143
Christy, Jan Library Technical Services Clerk 2279
Clark, B. Jay Affiliate Faculty 1306
Clark, Lawrence Affiliate Faculty 1306
Clark, Richard Vice President of External Relations/Chief Advancement Officer, Affiliate Faculty in Nonprofit Leadership and Philanthropy 2327
Clementi, Sarah Junior Assistant Registrar 2242
Coffin (Timm), Kristen Assistant Director for Recruitment 2249
Coleman, Paul T. Affiliate Faculty 1306
Cook, Jenna Financial Aid Counselor 2103
Cook, L. Stephen Professor of Old Testament 2224
Cooper, Mark Inventory Team Leader 7948
Cox, Brad Grounds Landscape Specialist/White House Gardener 2265
Cox, Jeremy Lecturer in Bible
Crumpton, Alicia D. Ph.D. Program Director, Professor of Leadership Studies
Cummins, Pete N. Professor of Counseling 2217
Cunningham, Marsha Administrative Assistant to the President 2308
Curry, P. Dwayne Lecturer in Congregational Ministry 3437
DaSilva, Valdecy J. Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Ministry 2418
Davidson, Matthew Lecturer 2348
Davis, Amy Financial Aid Coordinator 2315
Davis, Ashley Lecturer in Research, Integration & Learning and Student Teacher/Internship Supervisor 3550
Davis, Judy Accounts Payable Supervisor 2318
Davis, Weldon Brown Hall Resident Director 2379
Decker, Carol Business Administration & Nonprofit Administration Program Director, Professor of Business Administration 2875
DeNeal, Dale Affiliate Faculty 1306
Dieffenderfer, Darryl Transportation Lead Supervisor 2270
Dove, Taylor Lecturer 3402
Duncan, Andrew Lecturer in Music 2260
Dungan, Norman Associate Professor of English and Spanish 2143
East, Naomi Enrollment Services Administrative Assistant/Guest Housing Coordinator 3411
Eastep, Karen Field Experience Coordinator, Staff Instructor in Early Childhood Program Development 2348
Eaton, Denny Periodicals Clerk 2273
Egli, Trevor Jonas Associate Professor of Sport and Fitness Leadership 3487
Eisenhart, Emily Director of Clinical Studies 2163
Estep, James Affiliate Faculty 1306
Estes, Kelly Handy Director of Academic Support, Staff Instructor in Education 2426
Eubanks, David Chancellor 1311
Eubanks, Phillip Associate Vice President for Stewardship and Planned Giving 2214
Evans, Candace Lecturer in Teaching English 2348
Eveland, Becky Secretary for School of Communication 2260
Eveland, Dave N. Staff Instructor in Educational Technology, Instructional Designer and Technologist 2320
Everett, Mary Academic Affairs Secretary 2228
Fair, Ben Men's Baseball Coach, Grounds Keeping Supervisor 2265
Faircloth, Derek Director of Operations 2208
Farris, Sherry Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Faulhaber, Jacqueline Affiliate Faculty 1306
Feaster, Glenn IT Director 3457
Finchum, Judith Plant Services Office Manager 2239
Fish, Joshua Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences 2217
Fisher, Timothy IT Systems Analyst- Enterprise Systems 2245
Fleenor, Rob Lecturer in Bible 2254
Flores, Jimmie Affiliate Faculty 1306
Folden, Sally Office Manager and Internship Coordinator 2418
Foster, Rachel M. Lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science 2143
Frazier, Andrew M. Registrar 2145
Fuller, Patricia B. Assistant Professor of Education 2348/2443
Fullman, Joshua Affiliate Faculty, Candidacy Coach 1306
Fullwood, Kendra Assistant Professor of English, Rhetoric and Composition 2227
Garrett, Marie Lecturer in English Composition 2143
Gilley, Leoma Lecturer 2418
Gilmore, Caleb Lecturer in Old Testament 2254
Golightly, Terry Instructional Designer and Technologist, Instructor in Educational Technology
Gordon, Michelle Lecturer in Counseling 2217
Gorman, Heather Associate Professor of New Testament 3495
Gorman, James L. Assistant Professor of History 3478
Green, Joe Electrical/Communications Technician 7783
Green, Vicki Shipping Coordinator 2175
Greene, Scott Mechanical Dept. Lead Supervisor 7899
Greene, Tonya Business Office Administrative Assistant 2431
Gupton, Carlus Lecturer in Pastoral Ministries 3437
Hale, Jr., Jess O. Affiliate Faculty 1306
Hale, Lisa Teacher Education Resource Coordinator 2348
Harb, Noel Lecturer 2260
Hardin, Todd Lecturer in Congregational Ministry 3437
Harris, Kyle Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Hawkins, Kim Lecturer in Test Measurement & Assessment, Research Design & Educational Psychology 2348
Hays, Tom/Alberta Plant Services Carpenter
Headley, Kristel W. Associate Professor of Counseling 2217
Hebert, Laura M. Lecturer in Counseling 2217
Henderson, Christopher Lecturer in Statistics
Hodge, Jonathan Lecturer in Human Services 2217
Holland, Jeffrey L. Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Ministry 2418
Howard, Torshanda Affiliate Faculty 1306
Howell, Todd Lecturer in Meteorology 2143
Hua, Duan Director of International Relations, Assistant Professor of Education and Chinese History & Culture 3486
Hudson, Philip Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Huffman, Landon Visiting Assistant Professor of Sport and Fitness Leadership 3494
Huggins, Tim Security 2310
Hunt, Karla Teacher Education Office Coordinator 2348
Hunt, Seth IT Coordinator 3490
Huskey, David Lecturer in Congregational Ministry 3437
Jackson, Mark Lecturer in Bible 2254
Jackson, Troy Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Jaggers. Dametraus Director of the Future of Hope Lilly Endowment Youth Theology Initiative, Director of Retention, Assistant Professor of Arts & Sciences 2154
Jerviss, Aaron Lecturer in History 2143
Johnson, Jennifer Chief Communications Officer
Johnson, Kenny Campus Mailroom Supervisor 2340
Johnson, Lynn Affiliate Faculty 1306
Johnson, Michael Lecturer 3437
Johnson, Richard Locksmith 2212
Jones, Lisa Lecturer 3402
Julian, Janice Lecturer 2143
Justice, Jr., Richard Affiliate Faculty 1306
Karnes, Rita Health Services Coordinator 2256
Kastens, Ronald Lecturer 3437
Keck, Harold E. Lecturer in Homiletics 3437
Keck, Melissa Alumni and Public Relations Secretary 3498
Ketchen, John C. Associate Provost for Online Education, Professor of Speech and Education 2254
Ketchen, Marsha Administrative Assistant, School of Bible & Theology 2254
Kilinski, April Conley Professor of English and Literature 2258
King, Mike Transportation Lead Supervisor 2270
Krug, John C. "Tony" Professor of Educational Technology 3471
Lane, Deborah Associate Dean of Students 7868
Large, Stuart Producer 2251
Legg, David Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students, Associate Professor of Ministry 2315
Leslie, Brian Director of Youth and Children's Ministries, Associate Professor of Youth Ministry 2180
Letitia, Joseph Lecturer in Art Appreciation 2143
Lewis, Diane Affiliate Faculty 1306
Linton, Gregory L. Vice Provost for Academic Services, Professor of New Testament 2364
Linton, Kim Administrative Analyst and Assessment Coordinator, School of Intercultural Studies 3421
Long, Jennifer Lecturer in English as a Second Language 2348
Long, Tony Housekeeping Team Leader 2297
Looney, Jared Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Lowe, Carrie Beth Library Director, Associate Professor of Library Science 2276
Loy, Greg Electrical/Communications Lead Supervisor 2267
Loy, Sarah Housekeeping Team Leader 2297
Lutz, Ben, Jr. Director of Physical Plant Services 2281
Lutz, Carla Campus Mailroom Clerk 2307
Mack, Russell Lecturer in Old Testament 2254
MacSaveny, Erin Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology 2418
Mattingly, Gerald L Professor of Intercultural Studies 2349
Mattingly, Pam Faculty Secretary, Academic Support 2349
Mattson, Sarah Admissions Counselor 2312
McCartney, Cliff Vice President for Administration 3423
McClane, Curtis D. Lecturer in Bible 2254
McClelland, Hannah Lecturer 2143
McClelland, Kirk Quality Enhancement Program Director, Associate Professor of Service Learning, Faculty Director of Service Engagement
Mead, Jason A. Associate Professor of History 3493
Mead, Kealy Congregational Ministry Internship Coordinator 3492
Merritt, Keri Lecturer in Anatomy & Biological Sciences 2143
Miller, Jody Office Manager, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences 3402
Miller, Roy Dean of the Templar School of Education, Professor of Education 2348
Moore, Jannese W. Lecturer in Elementary Education Methods 2348
Moore, Michael Career Services Director, Staff Instructor in Speech and Urban Studies 2347
Moore, Sharon Lecturer in Piano 2260
Morgante, Camden Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences 2809
Morin, Perry Environmental Health & Safety Manager 3425
Morris, Karrie Lecturer in Early Childhood Methods 2348
Moser, Jackson Cashier/Purchasing Agent 2237
Mosley, David Lecturer in Theology 2254
Moulden, Ryan Lecturer 2418
Mueller, Joseph 2254
Nance, Matt Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
Nawrocki, Rachel Affiliate Faculty 1306
Nicely, Tanna Lecturer in Digital Video 2348
Nielsen, Chloe Admissions Counselor 2234
Norris, Tim Lecturer in Guitar 2213
Norton, Cynthia Parton Professor of Health Education 3476
O'Brien, Kevin Director of Operations 2208
Ofenloch, Tracy Lecturer in Human Services 2217
O'Lynn, Robert Lecturer in Biblical Teaching and Preaching 3437
Overdorf, Carrie Coordinator for the School of Arts & Sciences and Service Learning 2143
Overdorf, Daniel Dean of the School of Congregational Ministry, Professor of Pastoral Ministry 2354
Owens, Jody L. Professor of Bible and Pastoral Ministries 3441
Owens, Stephanie F. Lecturer in Instructional Media and Math Concepts 2348
Page, David Electrical/Communications Technician 2252
Parker, Anthony Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Paul, Landon 2260
Penfold, Jaymi Lecturer in Sociolinguistics 2418
Phillips, Tom Assistant Baseball Coach 2210
Pierce, Jenna Financial Aid Counselor 2103
Pioneer, Food Services Campus Food Services 2304
Pioneer, Food Services Campus Food Services 2304
Pointer, Anthony Lecturer in Teaching in the Christian School 2348
Porter, Ashley Lecturer in Education 2348
Porter, Scott Lecturer in Education 2348
Prinston, J. Jerome Professor of Bible and Education, Chief Assessment Coordinator 2149
Prinston, Paulette Architectural Designer/Plant Secretary, Staff Instructor in French 7947
Proctor, Sarah Lecturer in Human Services 2217
Pruett, Gregory J. Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Pruett, Rebecca L. Lecturer in Linguistics and Culture & Language Acquisition 2418
Rapp, Charles Affiliate Faculty 1306
Reece, W. David Professor of Old Testament 2254
Reese, Robert Lecturer in Intercultural Studies and Mathematics 2418
Reeve, Carol
Reid III, Wilbur A. M.B.A. Program Director, Professor of Organizational Leadership 3451
Reid, Chris Mechanical/Plumbing Systems Technician 7899
Reid, Linda Advancement Secretary 2372
Reyes, Inez Lecturer 2260
Richard, Janet Accountant 2202
Ridge, Beth Academic Advisor 2837
Ridge, Sean M Dean of the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Professor of Counseling 2217
Rivero, Raul Lecturer 2143
Roberts, Theresa Lecturer in Social Studies Education 2348
Roberts, Thomas Lecturer in Congregational Ministry and Leadership 3437
Robinette, L. Pat Intern Coordinator of Education 2348
Robinson, Jonathan Plant Services Associate Director 7949
Rodriguez, Andrea Administrative Assistant, Online Education 2284
Rodriguez, Rafael Professor of New Testament 2321
Rollins, Garry M. Affiliate Faculty 1306
Roper, Laura Afternoon Receptionist 2439/2200
Rudko, David Grounds Team Leader 2239
Saia, Diana Lecturer 2143
Salyards, Will Affiliate Faculty, Elective Track Facilitator 1306
Saylor, Nicole Associate Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences 2217
Scherrer, Phillip Affiliate Faculty 1306
Schultz, Julee Director of Undergraduate Admissions 2233
Shears, Lauren Graduate Adult Studies Admissions Counselor 3479
Shears, Matt Alumni Relations Director 2854
Shelnutt, Cheryl Lecturer in Human Services 2217
Sidwell, Brittany Graphics Coordinator 2428
Sise, Heidi Berryhill Library Circulation Clerk 2277
Smelcer, Carletta Lecturer in Counseling 3402
Smith, Debbie White House Team Leader 2239
Smith, L. Thomas "Tommy" President, Professor of History and Theology 2296
Smith, Lou Ann 2348
Smyth, Hope Event and Travel Coordinator 2367
Snell, Jeff Director of Preaching Ministries, Professor of Congregational Ministry 3416
Spanier, Noel Affiliate Faculty 1306
Sprinkle, Joe Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Stratton, Gary Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, University Professor of Worldview and Spiritual Formation 7875
Stratton, Sue Lecturer in Bible 2254
Stricklen, Andrea Campus Store Manager 2246/3446
Stricklen, John Affiliate Faculty 1306
Stricklen, Mike General Maintenance Supervisor 2266
Strohe, Ron General Maintenance Team Leader 2266
Sutherland, Scott Lecturer in Biblical Teaching and Preaching 3437
Sweatman, Carl Lecturer in New Testament 2254
Sykes, Betty Ann PW Receptionist 2439
Tarwater, Lisa Director of Graduate Admissions 3400
Taylor, Cathy Administrative Assistant, School of Congregational Ministry 3437
Taylor, Stanley, Jr. Lecturer in Human Services 2217
Templar, Chris M. Professor of Education, Director of International Education and Educational Technology 2348
Thompson, Cana Johnson Hall Resident Director
Tibbetts, Vance Housekeeping Lead Supervisor 2297
Timbs, Clyde Web Master and Bulk Mail Supervisor 2300
Timbs, Sherry Housekeeping Team Leader 2239
Tolbert, Patrick Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Trammel, Brian Hourly Payroll/Work Study Program Coordinator 2317
Trentham, Donald R. Director of Music Education Program, Professor of Music 2331
Tucker, Brian Graphic Designer 2289
Underwood, Ken Athletic Director 2210
VanderEnde, Mattheus Lecturer in Old Testament 2254
Velazquez, Loren Mechanical Technician 2283
Votaw, Nikki L. Professor of Education, Director of Graduate Studies 2348/2244
Warden, Shannon Lecturer in Pastoral Counseling 3437
Weatherly, Jon Dean of the School of Bible & Theology, Professor of New Testament 2499
Weaver, Brent D. Director of Worship Program, Associate Professor of Music 2330
Weaver, Jerilyn Student Services Administrative Assistant 2235
Weber, William Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
Weedman, Mark Professor of Philosophy and Ethics 2220
Wheeler, Abby Urban Alliance Administrative Coordinator 865-415-2020
Wheeler, David A. Associate Professor of Congregational Ministry, Associate Dean of Students 2134
Wheeler, Ronald E. Professor of English and Literature 2259
Whitmer, Linda F. Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies, Professor of Intercultural Studies 2243
Whitmer, Steven M. Professor of Intercultural Studies 3497
Whitmer, Todd Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Whittaker, Joe Mechanical Technician 2271
Williams, Emili Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Accreditation Liaison 2373
Williams, James Construction Tech 2266
Willits, Brad Lecturer in Intercultural Studies 2418
Wilson, Erica Lecturer 2143
Wingfield, Joy Director of Program Administration 2229
Wissmann, Cheryl L. Lecturer in Bible 2254
Wolf, Betsy Congregational Ministry Internship Coordinator 3492
Wolf, Bill Dean of the Chapel, Instructor in Spiritual Formation 2365
Woltil, Julie Affiliate Faculty, Institutional Review Board Member 1306
Wood, Michael Shane Affiliate Faculty, Candidacy Coach 1306
Woodhull, Kenneth Executive Director of the Johnson University Center for Urban Alliance, Professor of Intercultural Studies 1638
Woods, Holly Lecturer in Arts & Sciences 2143
Woodson, Elizabeth Affiliate Faculty 1306
Yeaton, Stephen Lecturer in Congregational Ministry 3437
Young, Mark A. Video Producer 2219
Young, Michael Affiliate Faculty, Elective Track Facilitator 1306
Ziese, Mark 3308
Zoch, Jacob Student Financial Services Advisor 2292
Zoch, Julianna Admissions Administrative Assistant 2309
Zorn, Walter Lecturer in Old Testament 2254


Fair, Ben Baseball 2265
Gray, Sho Cross Country 2210
Hale, Seth Tennis 2210
Karnes, Doug Women's Basketball 2210
McNally, Mason Women's Soccer 2210
Perry, Brandon Men's Basketball 2210
Underwood, Ken Men's Soccer 2210
Underwood, Ken Athletic Director 2210
Vannoy, Robin Volleyball 2210
Worly, Nathan Women's Soccer Assistant 2210
Young, Clay Women's Basketball Assistant 2210

Pioneer Food Services

Howard, Lance Executive Chef 2304
Kitchen 2305
Maffio, Shelia Service Manager 2306
Wilson, John Director of Food Services 2304


1098 Ts: Financial Aid   2303
Academic Support   1645
Academics   2228
Accounting   2202
Accounts Payable   2318
Address Changes   2253
Adjunct Office   2228
Admissions   2309
Admissions Toll-Free   1-800-827-2122
Adult Studies   3437
Advancement   2372
Athletics   2210
Bookstore   2246
Bookstore- Shipping   2175
Brown Hall Residential   2379
Business Office   2200
Career Services   2347
Cashier   2237
Chapel   2365
Choir Schedule   3421
Church/Donor   3421
Counseling Center   2217
Dining Services   2304
ECLC   3550
Financial Aid   2303
Graduate Admissions   3479
Graduate Programs- Counseling   2217
Graduate Programs- Holistic Education   2348
Graduate Programs- MBA   3451
Graduate Programs- Ph.D   3451
Graduate Programs- Preaching   2143
Graphics   2428
Guest Housing   3411
Institutional Effectiveness   2373
Internships- Missions   2392
Internships- Preaching   2143
Internships- Youth Ministry   3492
IT   2667
Library   2277
Mailroom   2307
Media   2260
Music   2331
Nurse/First Aid   2256
Online Education   2284
Online Education- Toll Free Number   1-800-669-7889
Payroll and Work Study   2317
Pioneer Food Services   2304
Plant Services   2239
President   2308
Public Relations- Alumni   3498
Public Relations- Senior Saints   2253
Purchasing   2237
Registrar   2230
School of Arts and Sciences   2143
School of Bible and Theology  
School of Business and Public Leadership   3451
School of Communication and Creative Arts  
School of Congregational Ministry   3437
School of Education (Templar)   2348
School of Intercultural Studies   2418
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences   2217
SGA   2236
Shipping Office   2175
Student Accounts   2292
Student Life   2137
Transcript Line   2230
Travel Team- Camp Visit   2367
Travel Team- Church Visit   2367
Urban Alliance   415-2020
Webmaster   2300
Women's Retreat- General   2349
Women's Retreat- Housing & Registration   (865) 405-1330
Work Study/Payroll   2317