Utilities Costs for Married and Non-Traditional Housing

Air conditioning, heat, local telephone, water, sewage, and trash pick-up are included in the rental charge for Bell Hall Apartments. Electricity for duplexes, townhouses, and mobile homes are paid by the occupant directly to the service provider. All other previously mentioned utilities are included in the rent for duplexes, townhouses, and mobile homes.

To secure electric service through Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB), KUB will run a credit/ID check through the Credit Bureau, and the customer’s score determines whether they bill or waive the $200 deposit. Customers may apply to connect or disconnect their KUB service on-line at www.kub.org or by calling a customer representative at 865-524-2911. A new customer must pay a $20 service connection fee.

Students living in mobile homes or duplexes should budget for winter utility bills. Although the winters in Tennessee are not severe, heating bills during January and February are higher than fall and summer. The local utility board will, at your request, give you budget billing, which averages your utility bill over a 12 month period. You pay the same amount each month as a projected average instead of having an unexpected erratic bill from month to month. The monthly average usually ranges from $100-135.