Nonprofit Administration

The Nonprofit Administration Major equips students for leadership roles in nonprofit organizations. Students develop knowledge and skills in management, finance and accounting, communications and marketing, fundraising and development, nonprofit law, and leadership development. The program incorporates biblical wisdom and missional concerns to develop Christian character and a kingdom perspective. It includes an internship with a nonprofit organization through which students gain first-hand business experience.

The Nonprofit Administration program offers affordable tuition from an accredited university. In addition, exceptional faculty are Christian practitioners and experts in their respective fields. They are passionate about inspiring and equipping Christian leaders to grow personally, academically, and spiritually.

Nonprofit Internship

The Nonprofit Administration program includes a co-curricular internship in which students gain first-hand experience and exposure to industry practices that complement the nonprofit administration coursework. 

When students complete the Nonprofit Administration program, they will be able to do the following:

  • Understand core management concepts of strategic planning, organizational development, marketing, human resource management, and the economic and financial realities of the management of nonprofits.
  • Demonstrate competency in the management of nonprofit.
  • Integrate biblical wisdom with management. 

For a comprehensive list regarding program goals and objectives, see the catalog.

Professional Area Course Sampling
Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
Principles of Management
Principles of Financial Accounting
Nonprofit Law
Nonprofit Fundraising & Development
Leadership Development
Nonprofit Internship

Bible and Theology Course Sampling
Orientation to the Old Testament I
Orientation to the Old Testament II
Orientation to the New Testament
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Exegetical Methods
Old Testament Poetry/Wisdom or Prophets Selective
New Testament Epistles or Gospels Selective