Farmer's Market Find

Claire DoreRecent graduate Claire Dore (‘11) receives an answer to her prayers when her mom discovers a Hungarian language tutor at a local market.

Claire’s story of how she was led to commit to moving to Hungary and becoming a missionary with Open Door Libraries may be similar to that of many Johnson graduates. However, she received a very special gift well beyond her prayer request.
Claire tells her story below.

    When I returned from my first trip to Hungary in October, I had not yet decided to move there, but I began praying that God would bring a Hungarian person to me to tutor me in Hungarian. I knew if I decided to go it would be difficult for me to learn the language on my own.

    The first Saturday in December, my mother visited the farmer's market in Jacksonville, Florida, where we live, in search of her favorite garlic spread. When she returned home, she was excited to tell me she had met a Hungarian woman named Aniko who was selling baked goods at the market. My mom told Aniko about me and my desire to move to Hungary and learn the language; but my mom was hesitant to include my ministry goals, not knowing if Aniko was a believer or not. Aniko was willing to help and shared her contact information with my mother.

    During our first meeting, I shared my missionary plans with Aniko. I learned she grew up in Hungary and Romania, and, to my surprise, she had done mission work in the Republic of Moldova. Three weeks later I had my first language lesson at her house.

    Aniko would not accept pay for the tutoring because she said it is an honor for her to serve God in this way. Not only did God provide me with a Hungarian friend and tutor, but He provided one who is a fellow believer and is familiar with mission work. This was definitely more than I asked for or imagined (Ephesians 3:20).

    --Claire Dore

Claire Dore is partnering with Open Door Libraries and plans to move to Budapest, Hungary, in the spring of 2014. She will join fellow Johnson University alumni, Rusty and Beth Ridgeway, who have been serving in Hungary since 2009.
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