20 Chinese Graduate Students

On June 28, 20 Chinese graduate students arrived from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. These students are enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education Technology and are living on campus for 9 weeks. We asked these students to reflect on their summer living in America.Chinese Students

In addition to their time in the classroom, they have taken several day trips off campus. We asked some of these students to reflect on their summer at Johnson. Here are their comments in their own words:

What surprised you the most about the Johnson University campus?

“The beautiful scenery in and around makes the University like a park with a garden...People here all greet each other warmly like a family.”

“The professionalism and dedication of the faculty”

“The clock bell sounds very peaceful.”

“Many professors and staff have adopted children.”

Has anything reminded you of home?

“People here are so friendly that they remind me of my family.”

“The kids playing on campus”

“The Teacher Education faculty prepares coffee and boils hot water for us every day.”

What will you remember most about your classes and professors?

“The enlightening discussion in class, and every professor uses a special way to make the class easier for us to understand. I love the prayer time before class!”

“Dedication of the professors to education and their diverse way of teaching”

What has been the best part about this summer?

“I understand more about the Bible. I will never forget the beautiful campus, the friendly people and our dear professors.”

“It’s nice to learn Ten Commandments, God’s grace and love; God’s words can be applied to many things in our daily life.”

“Shopping experience, Bible study, I have never read it before”
Posted: 8/1/2013 1:26:36 PM


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