School of Communication and Creative Arts Application

Complete the following application to apply to the School of Communication and Creative Arts.

After the music faculty receive your completed application, they will contact you through your Johnson email account to schedule an audition date and time. 

International students or domestic students with circumstances that prevent the student from traveling to campus to audition during any of the indicated days must notify the appropriate program director to alert the director of that student's situation.  The program director will work with each of these students on an individual basis.  Under no circumstances will a student be fully admitted to the Music Education, Musical Arts, or Worship Ministry degree programs without performing a live audition for the faculty.

Personal Information  
Enrollment Information  
Primary Instrument (NOTE: Bachelor of Music Education may not select guitar):

Secondary Instrument (NOTE: Bachelor of Music Education may not select guitar):

Educational Information  
Have you previously attended college?:
Were you a music and/or worship major at any of the above-listed colleges/universities?:
Musical Background  
I certify that the information contained within this application is true and correct. I understand the completion of this application does not guarantee full and final acceptance into any music/worship program at Johnson University.
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