What to do if you are Injured

Unexpected injuries or surgeries may cause confusion about what to do next. 

  • Inform your professors: let your professors know about your injury and what effects it may have (attendance, exams, deadlines).
  • Talk with your advisor and the : they will help you by informing professors of your situation and requesting academic accommodations on your behalf. 
  • Meet with an academic coach: The Academic Support Center provides coaches who can help you study any missed material from class
  • Talk with your RA and the Resident Director: your RA and the resident director need to know about your situation so they can provide you with the help that you need
  • Talk with classmates and friends: classmates and friends can help you during your recovery and also help you study for missed classes.

Contact the Disabilities Services Office when:

  • An instructor tells you they need guidance about accommodations
  • There are classrooms you cannot access due to your injury
  • Navigating campus is difficult
  • You need accommodations for testing
  • You need a handicap sticker
    • handicap sticker request