Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office supports the mission of Johnson University Florida by preserving the integrity of academic records, monitoring and enforcing academic policy, and guiding student progress toward completion of their academic goals. 

The Registrar’s Office can assist students with class registration, dropping or adding classes, or changing degree programs. The Registrar’s Office also provides updated curriculum requirements and can issue grade reports. 

Johnson University Registrar


The Registrar’s Office is located in the Chapman Center.
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Phone: 407-569-1336

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Request a Transcript

Johnson University Florida uses Transcripts on Demand by Credentials eScrip-Safe as its trusted agent for processing online transcript requests. This process is completely secure. On the first visit, students will be required to establish an account.

Because federal law requires a signature in order to release academic records, a consent form must be signed and returned as directed before any request can be processed. The signed consent form remains on file with Credentials eScrip-Safe to cover future JUFL transcript requests through this service.

Students may check the status of a transcript request at any time by logging on to Transcripts on Demand and selecting the “Review Past Orders” tab. Credentials eScrip-Safe will also send status updates by email.

Please note that student accounts must be paid in full before official transcripts can be released. To settle an account, please contact the JUFL Student Accounts Manager at 407-569-1353.

Order your transcripts now

Most schools will have their own request forms. However, when ordering transcripts from other schools for JUFL, students are welcome to use this Transcript Request Form.