Technology Services

The IT Department at Johnson University Florida supports the mission of the University by working to ensure reliable and safe communication and access to information for students, faculty, and administration.

Internet Access

Students enjoy easy access and fast, reliable wireless service from almost anywhere on the JUFL campus. The University provides a filtering service to protect students from accessing dangerous or inappropriate sites.


Students are welcome to bring their own computers with them to Johnson. In order to access the Internet, all computers must be equipped with a wireless adapter.

Students are also welcome to use the JUFL computer lab, located in the Library. The lab is equipped with 12 computers available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Password Help

Have questions or need help with Sakai?

We have a 24/7 Sakai Help Desk Support Line: 855-821-5921
IT Support
Phone:  407-569-1357

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