Message from Dr. Overdorf

At Johnson University, we want to encourage preachers and to promote preaching among high school students and adults who show ministry potential.

We want to invite you, therefore, to join us for a free Saturday morning Preach.WORKSHOP, which provides existing ministers a refresher course in preaching fundamentals, and helps potential ministers explore the possibility that God might be leading them toward preaching.

The hands-on workshop walks participants through the basic steps of writing and delivering a sermon, so that every participant will have prepared their own sermon by the end of the workshop. During 2015, Preach.WORKSHOPS will occur on these dates at these locations:

  • March 7: New Day Christian Church in Port Charlotte, FL
  • April 18: Howard Christian Church in Howard, PA
  • July 15: Johnson University TN The Event
  • October 3: Christ's Church (Mandarin Campus) Jacksonville, FL

In addition to regional Preach.WORKSHOPS, we will also host Preach.FEST on our Florida campus on Saturday, November 14. This event will offer aspiring ministers the opportunity to preach, receive evaluations, and win scholarships from $250 - $5,000.

We hope you will participate and that you will bring one or two from your church who would benefit. Register online today.

Your Fellow Servant for Christ,

Dean of the School of Congregational Ministry
Professor of Preaching