Post Hurricane Update 2

We continue to be thankful for the emails, text messages and phone calls we have received from friends and alumni of Johnson University Florida. Our faculty, staff and students have appreciated your words of encouragement and prayers.

Here is the latest information about the university following the hurricane 

  • Johnson University Florida will resume its regular schedule of classes on Monday, September 18.  Based on earlier information about the forecast track of Hurricane Irma, we had hoped that circumstances would permit an earlier restart.   However, the actual impact of the storm on our facilities and personnel requires that we devote additional time to restore the campus and ensure the safe return of students and employees. 
  • On campus, Chapman Center continues to provide shelter for students who were not able to leave campus ahead of the storm.  Damage to our buildings, though relatively light, is absorbing the energies of employees and JUFL’s student work crew.  In any case, we cannot resume normal operations until electrical service is restored to student residence halls. Utility trucks arrive on campus Wednesday morning and we anticipate power being restored in the next 12 hours.
  • The homes of many of our commuter students are still without power.  Many students who normally live on campus are presently off campus assisting their families with house repairs.
  • Meanwhile travel around the State is being hampered by the movement of utility crews, construction crews, supply trucks carrying fuel, food, and construction materials, convoys of government and volunteer relief teams, and the condition of roads. 

The University is committed to resuming normal operations as soon as possible so that students and staff can finish the school term without further interruption.  Thank you for helping us get the word out to the JUFL community that Monday, September 18, is our target day for class restart.  We praise God, who gives strength to those who serve him in the midst of stress (I Tim 1:12; Phil 4:13).

Posted: 9/13/2017 1:56:07 PM

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