JUFL Campus Update - Post Hurricane

Johnson University Florida would like to say thank you to our friends for their prayers and encouragement during the past few days. It is comforting to read the words of encouragement and to know fellow Christians are lifting us up during the storm. Pres. Weedman and leaders on the Tennessee campus have followed our situation closely and have offered much-appreciated support.

We would like to share the following information with our friends as we continue to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane.

  • All those sheltering in place on the campus are safe.  Our buildings have some damage, mostly missing shingles and the resulting roof leaks.  Also some damage to gutters, soffits, and the like.  Smaller trees have been uprooted, and many of the larger oaks have lost some limbs.  One tree was struck by lightning.  A handful of student apartments have minor water damage to ceilings. 
  • The power remains out in the library, Brough Music Wing, and all six student residence halls.  Thankfully, the power remains on in the Tribble Student Union and in Chapman Center where evacuees were housed Saturday and Sunday nights. 
  • Offices are scheduled to reopen on Wednesday.  Classes are expected to resume Thursday, Sept 14.  An email will be sent to our students, faculty and staff on Tuesday, to confirm or adjust that schedule based on the progress we make in campus cleanup and whether the power has been restored to student housing.
  • Cell phone connections are subject to dropping and delays--we think because of overuse.  We are not always able to communicate as efficiently as we wish. 
  • We are receiving word some individuals and groups would like to assist us in the cleanup and repair of our campus. While we appreciate the concern, the lack of electrical power is limiting our campus’s ability to host people at this time. Local church volunteers, students and staff will be engaged in campus cleanup Tuesday, starting at 8:00 a.m. 
  • According to news we have received from local churches and JUFL employees, homes in the area seem to be in relatively good shape.  Downed trees, power outages, local flooding, and limited communications are complicating recovery.  Many areas of the state are in similar or worse circumstances--some far worse.  News is trickling in from JUFL alumni from all around the State; we appreciate those contacts!
  • We have been in contact with I.D.E.S. regarding our situation. They are aware of our needs. If you would like to give a gift to I.D.E.S. or volunteer to assist in the Hurricane relief effort, please send a check to I.D.E.S. PO Box 379, ​Noblesville, IN 46061. Write “Hurricane” in the memo or contact via email ides@ides.org

Again, thank you for your continued prayer support for Johnson University Florida. We count it a blessing to know the many friends who love the mission of Johnson University and are concerned about our needs, as we are about theirs. 

Posted: 9/12/2017 9:40:59 AM


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