2017 July & August Faculty News

The faculty of Johnson University Florida participate in many activities beyond their normal teaching responsibilities, including writing, speaking, presenting at academic meetings, mission trips, and community involvement. The list below describes faculty activities in July and August 2017.

Nealy Brown (Associate Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Assistant Dean of the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences) led a Couples Enrichment Program for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Event in Orlando from July 29 to 30.

Joseph Gordon (Assistant Professor of Theology) published “Ressourcement Anti-Semitism? Addressing an Obstacle to Henri de Lubac’s Proposed Renewal of Premodern Christian Spiritual Exegesis” in Theological Studies 78, no. 3 (2017): 614-33.

The School of Communication & Creative Arts conducted the inaugural launch of RESOUND on the Florida campus during the week of July 9-16. Ruth Reyes (Professor of Music and Assistant Dean of the School of Communication & Creative Arts) and Dirk Donahue (Lecturer in Music) co-led the music camp, which was followed by a mini-concert tour experience in Gulf Coast churches and in Kissimmee. Twelve high school students attended the intensive week. Alumni mentors/volunteers included Sam Baggett (Knoxville), Rachelle Baggett (Knoxville), Stephen Corp (Jacksonville), Kayla Hardin (Kissimmee), Cati Van Kley (Orlando), and Bethany Baker (Phoenix). Becky Eveland designed the RESOUND booklets, and staffers Bob Mehlenbacher and Kevin Miles provided support services for both camp and tour.

Ruth Reyes (Professor of Music and Assistant Dean of the School of Communication & Creative Arts) participated in the orientation for the Residency Program at Christ’s Church in the Valley in Phoenix, AZ, from August 6 to 8. Ruth met with the residents who are pursuing a concentration in worship ministry.
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