2017 March Faculty News

The faculty of Johnson University Florida participate in many activities beyond their normal teaching responsibilities, including writing, speaking, presenting at academic meetings, mission trips, and community involvement. The list below describes faculty activities in March 2017.

Joseph Gordon (Assistant Professor of Theology) published “Review of William P. Loewe, Lex Crucis: Soteriology and the Stages of Meaning” in Theological Studies 78, no. 1 (2017): 236-7. He also attended the Lonergan Colloquium at Marquette University on March 30-31. That colloquium marked the establishment of the International Institute of Method in Theology, a collaborative effort with its physical center at Marquette, but with formal support and collaboration from the University of Toronto and the Gregorian University in Rome. The Institute exists to advance the achievements of Bernard Lonergan (1904-84), a Canadian Jesuit theologian. Gordon will serve as one of five coordinators for the project, supervising a team of collaborators that will utilize Lonergan's work in the “critical-realist retrieval of Scripture and other religious sources.” The other four leaders will oversee projects in systematic theology, philosophy, economics and globalization, and ecology.

Wendy Guthrie (Assistant Dean of the Templar School of Education) attended the Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (FACTE) in Tampa, Florida, on March 1-2.

Ruth Reyes (Professor of Music, Assistant Dean of the School of Communication & Creative Arts) attended the North American Christian Convention Planning and Promotional Luncheon Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 6-8 to help prepare for the June 2017 Kansas City Convention titled “This Is For Everyone.” From March 18 to 22, she co-directed with Dirk Donahue (Lecturer in Music) the New Creation Spring Tour, which performed in churches along the Florida Gulf Coast. On March 25, she played a piano duet with Judy Russell for special music at the Imagine Luncheon/Ground Breaking Ceremony on campus.

Mark Ziese (Professor of Old Testament, FL), Daniel Overdorf (Dean of the School of Congregational Ministry), and Jody Owens (Professor of Bible and Pastoral Ministries, TN) led a study trip to Israel-Palestine that included 21 students from the Tennessee, Florida, Online, and ExtendEd Indianapolis campuses. 

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