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Natalie Snodgrass ImageName: Natalie Snodgrass
Class: Senior
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Major: Children’s Ministry with a Daycare/Preschool Management Emphasis

Growing up, I was told that I would work with children some day. I told those people they were crazy. I wanted life to be an adventure, I wanted to do something cool like being in an aeronautical program that went to Mars or be a director of a soon to be classic film that wins a ton of awards. However, God was weaving my story into one that suited me best. I was first introduced to Johnson during my senior year of high school because of the Impact event held on campus. God started whispering in my ear that this could be the place for me. However, I did not listen. But six years later I was teaching at a preschool, and knew where God wanted me to be. After a summer of prayer and everything falling perfectly in place, I came to Johnson University Florida. Here I have learned that life with God is an adventure better than anyone could imagine, and Johnson University has shown me that I can merge my passions with my calling. Though I may never make an award winning film, I can still show the wonder that is God to a group of children and their families who need to know Him. My post graduation plan is to work in a church and help promote the gospel through children’s ministry.

Taylor Wells ImageName: Taylor Wells
Class: Senior
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Major: Youth Ministry

I became a Christian my junior year of high school. After graduation, I started college at a local community college. After switching my major four times during the two years I was there, I was left wondering if I would ever find something I was passionate about. Since I had a late start on my Christian life, I did not have much of a foundation in the faith. My youth minister suggested that if I wanted to get a foundation built up while I was figuring my life out, I should attend a Christian university. I started in the fall of 2012, thinking I was just here to learn, but now I will soon graduate, having built a solid faith and having also found what I am passionate about! After graduation I plan on being a youth minister and trying my best to point students to Christ, just as I was by my youth minister.