Other Scholarships

Alexander Christian Foundation Scholarship

Amount: Varies

  • For information, instructions, and to apply for the ACF scholarship, visit acfflorida.com. The application deadline is February 1.

Ashley S. Johnson Scholarship

Amount: $1,000 Annually

The student must be a minority student and  meet two of the following criteria:

  • First-Generation college student
  • Dependent of a single parent
  • EFC of 8000 or less

In addition, the student must meet all of the applicable following criteria:

  • Full-time degree-seeking student
  • 2.5 or higher high school or college CGPA

Procedures for applying:

International Student Scholarship**

Amount: 1/3-1/2 Tuition Annually


  • Student from foreign country
  • Full-time degree-seeking student
  • Not eligible for United States government aid
  • Can work on work-study program earning wages to cover half room and board
  • Approval from Financial Aid Office

How to Apply: Complete the Johnson Financial Aid Check-In, and the International Student Scholarship application.

**Stipulations to receiving International Student Scholarship:

  • Student will receive qualifying institutional aid first, please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine other Johnson awards that can be used in conjunction with this scholarship.
  • Once aid is determined, if it does not exceed $1,000 annually, the student will receive 1/2 of tuition
  • If aid exceeds $1,000, the student will receive 1/3 of tuition
  • Total institutional aid cannot exceed annual tuition