Transfer Policies

Johnson University accepts transfer credits from the following types of institutions. Applicants must submit official transcripts.

Colleges and Universities

Johnson University Florida accepts academic credits transferred from other colleges or universities according to the following criteria:

  • The college or university must be an institution of higher education accredited by a regional accrediting body (e.g. SACSCOC, NCA, WASC), national accrediting body (e.g. ABHE, TRACS), or professional accrediting body (e.g. NASM, NCATE) recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). These accrediting bodies mandate assessment and other quality control systems that give Johnson a high level of confidence in their programs.
  • Other educational experiences will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to the following criteria: course/degree content, faculty credentials, and student performance. Applicants may be asked to provide course descriptions, syllabi, or other evidence needed to make those judgments. If experience shows that Johnson can have confidence in a given institution, then the Registrar may place it on a list of “approved institutions,” which will facilitate the transfer process. Johnson University Florida reserves the right to withhold recognition of credits awarded by any college or university that does not, in the opinion of the faculty, meet reasonable academic standards.
  • Students must have completed the transferred courses, earning a minimum grade of “C."
  • The transferred courses must apply to a Johnson degree program as the equivalents of required courses (i.e. providing a similar knowledge base and/or competencies) or as appropriate electives.
  • Students who transfer credits from non-English-speaking countries must provide Johnson with a certified translation of transcripts and course descriptions, as well as a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the transcripts performed by Global Credential Evaluators ( or some other service approved by Johnson. A copy of the transcript in the native language must accompany the certified translation.
  • Johnson does not grant credit for remedial coursework, college orientation, high school level courses (apart from some approved Advanced Placement courses, which are listed in the undergraduate catalog), internships, or General Education Development (GED) tests.
  • Johnson does not grant credit for duplicated courses (e.g. Beginning Composition completed at one college and Freshman English completed at another).
  • If a course has been repeated for credit, the last grade earned will be used in the evaluation of the acceptance of credit.
  • No student may transfer in more than one-half of the professional area credits without approval from the professional area coordinator or department chair. The internship requirement may not be transferred.
  • Students must complete at least 25 percent of required coursework at Johnson University Florida.
  • Twenty-four of the last 30 term credit hours must be taken by a student in residence. The Senior Capstone course (if applicable) must be taken in residence.

Vocational Schools, Technical Colleges, or Institutes

Credits earned at vocational or technical institutions, which are equivalent in content to required Johnson courses, may be transferred to the University according to the policies stated above. A maximum of 12 such credits may be applied to Johnson as General Electives. If students have completed vocational programs based on clock hours, rather than credit hours, then transfer credit will be computed on the basis of 50 clock hours equaling one credit hour.

Students who wish to transfer credits from any other institution must complete a successful term at Johnson University. To complete a successful term, a student must complete a minimum of 12.5 term credit hours and earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (“C”) with no course failures. The student must submit a petition to have the institution approved by the faculty. The deadline to submit the petition is the ending date of the student’s first term. A faculty decision will be made during the following term. If the institution is approved, transfer work will be considered and when applicable, placed on the student's transcript.

Music and Worship Program

The music faculty of Johnson University does not automatically accept credits in music from other colleges and/or universities. Transfer credits are determined by placement examinations and auditions.

Teacher Education Program

Transfer students must complete a minimum of two terms at Johnson to be considered as candidates for this program. Selected transfer courses may be subject to validation. Transfer courses must correspond with a Johnson required course.

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