Alumni Respond to Mike Chambers

Curt Leonard (‘80)

My classmates and I are thrilled with the news regarding Dr. Michael Chambers’ return to the university. We remember him as an excellent classroom professor with his teaching fresh, challenging, and always Bible-based. Dr. Chambers is a person of Christ-like integrity and high moral character, and we can hardly wait to greet him and his family with a heartfelt “welcome back.”

Nils and Ingie (Ravdandal ‘82) Taranger

Dear Mike and Pam,
When you told us that you were leaving Kissimmee, Florida, it felt similar to a death, like a part of us would be missing, and, quite honestly, we were grieved. We remember feeling like it was the saddest news we had heard in quite a while.

When you told us that you will be returning to Kissimmee, Florida, it felt like a revival, like a very special part is being restored, and quite honestly, we can hardly contain our joy. It is the best news we have heard in quite a while!

Doyle Adams (‘83)

I began attending Johnson University Florida (then Central Florida Bible College) as a freshman in 1979, the same year that Michael Chambers joined the [Florida] faculty. I didn't know him at the time but as I would learn in the months and years to come he would impact my life in so many positive ways. To borrow a slogan from the sports world, I wanted to 'Be Like Mike.'

Scott Eynon (‘84)

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! Mike is a brilliant thinker, a strategic leader and a trusted friend to those who know him. There could not have been a better choice for this important role. I am beyond excited and grateful for this news!

Jim Book (‘87) Johnson University Trustee

I want to take this opportunity and congratulate Johnson University in their choice in Dr. Michael Chambers as the new Chancellor for the Florida Campus. I had the privilege of having Mike as a professor when I was a college student and then the joy of working on staff with him for seven great years while at FCC (now Johnson University Florida). Mike is a man of great character and conviction and one of the most humble men I have known. He models Paul's admonition to Timothy as a man who has "watched his lifestyle and doctrine closely." Upon graduating from college I remember sharing with a fellow classmate that if Jesus were to come back to earth to start his earthly ministry again, Michael Chambers could be one of His disciples!

Joe Caputo (‘88)

I am so thrilled about Mike Chambers coming back to lead Johnson University Florida! Besides his obvious credentials and faith in Christ, Mike and Pam were instrumental in my walk with Jesus. When I came to Johnson University Florida (then Central Florida Bible College), I was a new Christ follower and terrible student. I had the privilege of spending time in their home, as in those days we had "families", and the Chambers were our "parents." The Chambers gave me a great example of a Christian home, one I never had. Mike showed me what a dad, husband, and man of God looked like outside of the classroom, for which I am forever grateful. As a new believer, every class was special, but sitting under Mike's Evidences, Apologetics, and Ethics classes answered questions I desperately needed answered. These classes were foundational in my faith, not just things I had to learn as a student. He was always accessible to answer questions, even the seemingly most elementary ones, and help us grow to follow Jesus in faith and with reason.

Two final ways that I feel Mike discipled and made an impression on me were also outside of the classroom, and coincidentally later in my years at Johnson University Florida. Our senior class of '88 had the opportunity of going to the Holy Land together, led by Michael and Roger Chambers. Spending over two weeks with the Chambers and traveling under those very transparent conditions shed even more light on the authentic Christ-like character, humor, minds, and patience of these men for me. I thank God for the ongoing perspective that doing life and learning with the men on that trip has given me through the years.

Just a few months later our student body grieved the death of our friend Roger Chambers. During this difficult time, I remember Mike Chambers' leadership in a very personal way, as a Dean of Students, yes, but even more as a man of God and friend. Mike taught me that following Jesus is a real, gut-level, and very possible thing to do, especially in the hardest of times.

I am praising God for Johnson University Florida and for the men that have led her, specifically Mike Chambers. I thank God for the real, down to earth way that Mike showed me Jesus during the years I spent around him. And I can't wait to see what the Lord will do in His Kingdom through the Chambers and their ministry at Johnson University Florida.

Allen Gonzalez (‘90)

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Johnson University for choosing Dr. Michael Chambers as the Florida campus chancellor and vice provost.  What better choice could be made than to take someone with such a rich history and past with Johnson (formerly Florida Christian College) and place him at the helm.  There are many in the state of Florida, both alumni and church leaders, who remember and respect the many years of service of “Dean” Chambers (it will be difficult to refer to him otherwise).  That being said, not only am I proud of this decision, but elated that such a dear friend of the college is returning to contribute in such big ways.  Welcome back Dr. Chambers.

Tim (’91) and Mary (Marhall ’91) Bolen

Dr. Mike Chambers has always been a standard of professionalism, academic excellence, and biblical integrity. We were so thrilled when we heard that Mike and Pam had received and accepted this call to ministry at our alma mater, an institution we love, and continue to serve and support as parents of two current JUFL students. We believe with all our heart this to be a divine appointment, and that Johnson has hit a grand slam with this choice. The best days of Johnson University Florida are in front of us, and the Chambers are the ones to lead at such a time as this. We thank and praise God for this provision, and pray God’s blessings of wisdom and grace upon our school, upon her students, and upon the fruitful ministry of Dr. Chambers as he serves in a spirit of grace and truth. We are still “Strong in the Scriptures”, but, in our opinion, we just got a little stronger.

Jeff Robinson (‘92)

I cannot think of anyone more capable and prepared for this position. May God bless you richly as you continue to do His work, now back on the Florida campus. You have our complete support and our prayers will be with you!

Gary Henline (‘93)

Mike Chambers was one of the kindest, godliest men that I had as a professor.  I'm excited to see him coming to JUFL, with his wealth of knowledge and wonderful spirit, it will be a great blessing to the students now and in the future.

Phil Kornegay (‘94)

I first met Mike Chambers at a campus ministry retreat at the University of Florida. I had a long list of troubling questions that Mike patiently answered that weekend. I was inspired by his knowledge of the scriptures, impressed by his explanations of why the Bible is trustworthy, and amused by his understated sense of humor. As a student at Johnson University (then Florida Christian College) several years later, his classes challenged my thinking and moved me to pursue a deep relationship with God. I'm sure that Mike's leadership will impact today's Johnson students in the same way.

Marty Shackelford (‘95)

As a professor, Dr. Michael Chambers displayed to me wisdom above mere knowledge.  He inspired us to think in deeper waters than we might normally like to tread.  In addition to his professorship, he has been a heartfelt and thoughtful counselor to many struggling with personal and spiritual matters of the kingdom. The times he took to listen to my problems and lend encouragement are forever cherished because his advice has held to be both true and insightful to this day. My wife and I are excited that a new generation of students, faculty and administration will be blessed by his leadership and his vision. God's blessings on the University's bright future!

Pete Ramsey (‘96)

In my lifetime I have come across no more than a handful of men of whom I would consider to be complete examples of what it means to be a humble servant of God, and Dr. Mike Chambers is one of those men.  In all sincerity, when I wrestle with decisions or emotions or spiritual events in my life, one of my thoughts that I contemplate in the process is trying to speculate what Dr. Chambers might say or do in this situation.  I know no man more balanced when it comes to spirit and intellect than Mike.  He is truly a follower of the ways of King David as a “man after God’s own heart.” I guess I should start wearing a “WWMD?” bracelet, huh?
Heather and I are so excited for Dr. Chambers to be back in Florida serving at JUFL.  The future is bright indeed in the Sunshine State. May the zeal of dear JUFL never cease!!

Paul Peppard (’98)

I am very excited that Dr. Michael Chambers is returning to Central Florida to lead Johnson University Florida! I have always respected him, whether he was in the classroom or around a campfire with a group of middle-school teenagers. He brings with him a clear sense of our mission, a strong sense of scholarship, and proven skilled leadership. He is a dedicated servant of God and Kingdom work. Welcome home, Mike and Pam!

John Meisenbach (‘01)

I am so excited to welcome Dr. Michael Chambers as chancellor and vice provost to our college. He is a proven educator, concerned teacher, and humble servant of the Lord. One of the best decisions the college has ever made! WELCOME!!

Shawn Grant (‘02)

In my pursuit of academic achievement, I had the opportunity to study under noted scholars from a handful of colleges and universities. Mike Chambers remains one of the finest professors I had the privilege to study under. During my time as a student, Dr. Chambers inspired us to take seriously the life of the mind and the work of the kingdom. I am thrilled to know that future generations will now have the same opportunity. Welcome back Dr. Chambers, we eagerly anticipate your return.

Justin Cobourne (‘03)

I am thoroughly excited about the return of Dr. Michael Chambers to my alma mater! I always had great admiration for his wit and candor during our class sessions. I am thrilled that the current students will be able to benefit from his wealth of knowledge, as well as his great character and integrity.

David C. Fitzgerald (‘05)

I am thrilled to see the direction that Johnson University Florida is heading. With godly men such as Michael Chambers in leadership I have no doubt that he will help guide the university into a new era and continue to challenge the student body to stand strong on biblical principles.

Jeff Terpstra (‘06)

Dr. Michael Chambers was one of the best professors in the classroom that I was blessed to have. The class often tried to get him off track by convincing him to tell us about his doctoral work or rumors of his black belt in karate. When he would entertain our requests we learned about some of the background of academics and the tireless work ethic that he had. Those times of personal connection and transparency are some of the sharpest memories of my time at Johnson University Florida (then Florida Christian College). Even when we threw a party to commemorate his receiving a doctoral degree, he went right on teaching in scrubs and a facemask. I know Dr. Chambers will be an excellent chancellor and vice provost and will continue to have a Jesus-like influence on the hearts and minds of college students.