Course Descriptions

ANTH 1100 Encountering Cultures

This course examines the importance of culture and worldview in an increasingly multicultural world. It explores cultural diversity and the necessary skills for identifying the traits of different cultures (including the student’s own), in order to equip them to effectively interact with people of other cultures as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission and do their part to extend the Kingdom of God among all nations.

ANTH 3300 Cultural Anthropology

This course is an introduction to the social science known as cultural anthropology. Readings, films, websites, lectures, reports, and an exam provide a survey of vocabulary, concepts, and illustrations related to this branch of anthropology. Class lectures, outside reading, and films provide more in-depth case studies on the Near East Bedouin, Western Apache, and Old Order Amish, among others.

ICMI 4600 Living & Working Cross-Culturally

This course focuses on practical strategies of evangelism and discipleship in a cross-cultural setting that result in indigenous-led churches which reproduce themselves by planting more churches. Special attention is given to contextualization, creative access strategies into closed countries, personal spiritual development, spiritual warfare, raising support, communicating with supporters, family dynamics, choosing an organization, and the changing role of the western missionary. Prerequisites: ICMI 2110 Strategies in Missions, ANTH 3300 Cultural Anthropology, ICST 2133 Intercultural Communication, ICMI 3503 Cross-Cultural Internship.

ICST 2131 Missiology

This course presents a comprehensive and dynamic view of the mandate for Christian missionary activity. Students are challenged to a growing awareness that world evangelism is four dimensional: biblical, historical, cultural and strategic. A special emphasis is given to issues revolving around cultural and cross-cultural communication, along with how sensitivity in these areas can help further realize God’s global purpose.

ICST 2133 Intercultural Communication

This course examines the unique problems and strategies for communicating the gospel effectively in intercultural contexts. Special attention is given to the student’s personal role in intercultural communication, including language, behavior, and sensitivities needed to bridge cultural boundaries.

ICST 4109 Mission Theology

This course introduces students to principles and processes for developing a theology of mission for the context in which they serve. Emphasis is placed on biblical precedent and a practical approach to the local context.

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