Our faculty is dedicated to our students’ education. They bring the highest level of academic standards to the classroom and lead lives devoted to Christian service.

“I’m continually encouraged by how much the professors care about me. It is not uncommon to receive e-mails or follow-ups to my prayer requests from any number of my professors.” Jeremy Stevens ’10

Gary David StrattonSchool of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Gary David Stratton, Dean
JUTN Arts & Sciences Faculty JUFL Arts & Sciences Faculty JUOL Arts & Sciences Faculty


Jon Weatherly School of Bible and Theology
Jon Weatherly, Dean
JUTN Bible & Theology Faculty JUFL Bible & Theology Faculty JUOL Bible & Theology Faculty


Catherlyn BrimSchool of Business and Public Leadership
Catherlyn Brim, Dean
JUTN Business & Public Leadership Faculty JUFL Business & Public Leadership Faculty JUOL Business & Public Leadership Faculty JUEX Business & Public Leadership Faculty


Daniel OverdorfSchool of Congregational Ministry
Daniel Overdorf, Dean
JUTN Congregational Ministry Faculty JUFL Congregational Ministry Faculty JUOL Congregational Ministry Faculty JUEX Congregational Ministry Faculty


Matthew BroaddusSchool of Communication & Creative Arts
Matthew Broaddus, Dean
JUTN Communication & Creative Arts Faculty JUFL Communication & Creative Arts Faculty JUOL Communication & Creative Arts Faculty

Roy Miller

Templar School of Education
Roy Miller, Dean
JUTN Education Faculty JUFL Education Faculty JUOL Education Faculty


Linda F. WhitmerSchool of Intercultural Studies
Linda F. Whitmer, Dean
JUTN Intercultural Studies Faculty JUFL Intercultural Studies Faculty JUOL Intercultural Studies Faculty


Sean M. RidgeSchool of Social and Behavioral Science
Sean M. Ridge, Dean
JUTN Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty JUFL Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty JUOL Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty